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!!! page 01
Chapter 11: Beneath the Mask
!!! page 02
FX: Energetic movement

FX: Click

Misaki: It’s Kirihara.

Saitou: This is Saitou!

I’m glad you’re all right!
I heard the story from Ohtsuka!

I was worried, Chief—

FX: Click

Misaki: Sorry, Saitou.

FX: Roaring

Misaki: What are the deploying riot police doing?

Saitou: Permission has come down from above.
Matsumoto-san and Kouno are working out the details of the procedure for the blockade at the periphery of Mizugaoka with the commander on the scene.

Acting Section Chief Yanagi made a sour face, though.

He said it’s too big.

FX: Click

Misaki: …Well,

It should be enough if we’re not obstructed needlessly.
!!! page 03
Saitou: Where are you now, Chief?

Misaki: I left the Gate on the north side, and I’m heading south toward Mizugaoka.

Since I left via Pandora’s hidden road, it’ll take time until I arrive.

FX: Click

Saitou: Hi…a hidden road?

Misaki: It seems that people can be ambushed from the main gate somehow.

Saitou: What?

FX: Click

Misaki: It seems that there’s a faction of the Syndicate remaining at Pandora…

It’s a slightly violent method.

I got that tip from an ally.
!!! page 04
Saitou: So that’s why your message was delayed.

FX: Click

Misaki: Beyond the fact that the Syndicate is faltering,
There’ll be more interference after this.

FX: Beep beeep!

FX: Click

Ohtsuka: Chief Kirihara,
It’s Ohtsuka.

Misaki: What?

Ohtsuka: I’ve gathered the information on the suspect.

Messier Code HV-117, code name “Harvest.”
His real name is Matthew Edna, from Edmonton, Canada.

Misaki: Matthew Edna?
I’m sure that…
!!! page 05
Ohtsuka: Ri…right.
According to the data from the Public Safety and Astronomy Bureaus, he’s a contractor who died in South America.

Misaki: Wha…what did you say?

Dude: When he became one of Pandora’s contractors the Astronomy Bureau’s data was replaced,

So that the situation wouldn’t be observed,
With the code of a contractor who was already dead.

Ohtsuka: So it seems.

Misaki: ….That they can even accomplish the manipulation of the Astronomy Bureau’s data….

Looks like it’s necessary to review this country’s public security from the roots.

FX: Sigh

Misaki: …The details of his abilities?

Ohtsuka: His power is the reduction of matter by touch, and his remuneration is to swallow round objects….

Dude: Use caution.

When he’s using his power, almost any physical attack is rendered ineffective.
For example, even if he were shot with a 50-caliber rifle,
Before the kinetic energy could damage him, he’d disperse it.
!!! page 06
Dude: Some kind of high-explosive attack might be more effective…

Misaki: We can’t use explosives in a residential district.

Dude: …I see.

…Then electricity.

Even watching his fight with BK-201, it’s just as you can see,
That didn’t damage him, but
You can control the decomposition of matter to an extent.

Miaski: ….

FX: Click

Saitou: Yes!

Misaki: As much as you can, make sure the riot police are equipped with electric nightsticks.

For distance attacks, load the pellet stunguns with XERP.
If the suspect flinches a little, the snipers can shoot him with anaesthetic!

Contact is forbidden until then!

FX: Slap

Saitou: Understood, ma’am!

Misaki: There’s no doubt that he’s a very formidable contractor…

If we can limit his remuneration, there’s a chance of victory!

!!! page 07
FX: Screech


FX: Whistling

Harvest: Really.

...A checkpoint?

From the disturbance at the water tower…?

FX: Smooth

FX: Whistle

Harvest: Have they noticed my existence…?
!!! page 08
Harvest: Good insight.

FX: Rustling

FX: Smooth

FX: In succession

Harvest: Ngh.

FX: Crunch crunch crunch

Harvest: Ke-hoff!


…Now then.

FX: Whistle

Harvest: I don’t want to be an intrusion for Azusa in her pointless gallery, now…

FX: Whistle


Harvest: I’ll play around a little.
!!! page 09
FX: Flash

FX: Cr-cr-cr-CRASH

FX: Sprinkling

FX: Rumbling

FX: Sprouting

Harvest: Showily.
!!! page 10
Kouno: Matsumoto-san, look!

FX: Rumbling

Matsumoto: Yeah…

It looks like he has no intention of hiding.
We’ve been underestimated.

FX: Click

This is Matsumoto.

There’s someone who destroyed an apartment building flashily on the western side of Mizugaoka Yon-chome.
It might be the suspect.

Misaki: Really?

Give the residents evacuation guidance and apprehend the suspect as soon as possible!

Matsumoto: Understood.

Misaki: ….

It’s separated from the buildings of Mizugaoka Girls’ High School…
Is this a feint?

Is he doing this to make us overlook the girl’s…and BK-201’s whereabouts?

FX: Beep beep

Dude: Inspector Kirihara.
!!! page 11
Dude: I would like you to leave the protection of the awakener to Parcel and BK-201.

Since in your view he’s someone to be pursued, it would be difficult for you to work together.

We are cooperating with him for her protection and Harvest’s apprehension.

Misaki: …I understand.

….Can’t he stop?...


Ohtsuka: …Chief….

Although he may be unofficially cooperating in the course of events,
He’s also the most important person of interest.

Misaki: Ohtsuka!

Ohtsuka: Y—yes!

Misaki: Take care of reporting the circumstances there point by point.
I’m going to Harvest’s arrest!

Ohtsuka: Understood, ma’am!

Dude: …All right.
Meena-kun, contact Parcel.

Meena: Sir!
!!! page 12
Meena: Parcel.

Parcel, where are you?

FX: Sound of the waves

Parcel: Now,

The Pacific.

FX: Sound of the waves

Parcel: Disposing of some unnecessary stuff.

I’m fine, I’ll return immediately.

Ohtsuka: ?

Parcel: Our female opponent knows BK-201.

I was glad to get out of there straight away.

If she’s that violent, won’t it cause trouble over there, too?

Meena: …Certainly…
It would be good if she cooperated obediently, but…

Dude: If we have to, I want to collect her without hostility.

Meena: …..But….

Surely he….
!!! page 13
Meena: He can do it.

Hei: ……

Azusa: ….Le—

FX: Sudden

Azusa: Let go!
!!! page 14
Azusa: …..Wh—


FX: Squeak

Azusa: Why are you protecting a guy like that?

That worst guy!

He, my…..
He betrayed all of my friend’s precious things!

He’s a piece of garbage who takes women’s happiness for prey!

It’s natural for him to die!

Mioka: ……

Azusa: I cannot forgive him living!

I vomit just looking at him.
!!! page 15
Hei: …Then, even more so,

There’s no value in killing him.

Azsua: What’s this “value”?

If there is none, doesn’t that mean it’s fine to kill him?

Hei: I’m saying that
There’s no value in you killing him and getting your hands dirty.

Azsua: …Worried about me?...

…Unfortunately it’s pointless.

I’ve already killed eight people
Before I came here.

It’s the same if I kill one more.

Mioka: …at…
!!! page 16
Azusa: I’m saying I kicked all your friends to death.

There are guys whose stomachs I removed too,

And guys I tore right in half.
Ah ha ha ha ha.

Mioka: …You really are mad…

FX: Nervous breathing

Azusa: …What a nice feeling.
But you know,

Coach, you’re the only one I won’t kill easily.

I won’t allow you an instant death.

Mioka: Awf…

Azusa: Vomit,
Fainting in agony—
I’ll make you taste the full course of hell, to the brim!

Mioka: !?
!!! page 17
Azusa: …So you’ll get in the way to the bitter end, huh…

Hei: You don’t know.

Even if he’s in pieces, please don’t bear him a grudge…

Azusa: This time’s for real!

FX: Stamp

Azusa: !!

FX: Tumbling

Azusa: Kya…
!!! page 18-19
FX: Gentle movement
!!! page 20
Hei: Stop.
!!! page 21
Azusa: ….I—

I don’t understand….

Hei: If you kill him, you’ll fail in your goal.

It’s because you have a goal
That you’re forgetting yourself now.

While that flower is giving you power, you’re forgetting yourself…

When you regain control, the emotions you tucked away will spill out and reject that flower.
And that rejected flower will take your life and die.
!!! page 22
Hei: The truth is practically visible in your eyes.

FX: Throbbing pain

Mioka: …What?

…A flower?

That flower…?

I’ve come to this because of that flower….

Azusa: …But because of him, Kyou-chan is….

Hei: Deal with it.

FX: Clench

Hei: This is still

For your sake now.

Azusa: ....

Hei: Until that flower can be properly removed with medical treatment…
Set aside your anger towards him.

Azusa: ….

FX: Glare

FX: Startled

Azusa: …I understand.

!!! page 23
FX: Opening

Hei: !


FX: Swift

Azusa: I’ll take your mask for the time it takes to persuade me.

Hei: …..

Azusa: …So you are handsome.


Mioka: Now!
!!! page 24
FX: Bzzt

Azusa: !

Mioka: Know human pain,


FX: Crackling

Azusa: N—nooooo!

Hei: !!?

Mioka: Bitch….

FX: Bam

FX: Convulsive twitching

Hei: Azusa!

Man, who isn't in the BK-201 fan club?

P.S. Hei, you should have hit that asshat a lot harder.
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