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All of my fanfiction can be found at [ profile] starlady; DW links are listed where extant.

You don't need my permission to remix, record, translate, scanlate, and/or transform anything I've written (though a link to your transformative work is always appreciated!).

I generally follow AO3 policy on warnings; namely, I warn for rape and/or noncon, major character death, and graphic violence. I also will warn for topics that may be triggering on an as-needed basis. If you have a question about the content of any of my stories, or a concern about the warnings or lack thereof on same, please email or pm me and I will do my best to address your concerns respectfully.

The Archandroid/Fake News RPF
1 of the Good Guys, 900 words - R2-D2 isn't in the mood for Stephen Colbert's anti-droid diatribes.

Captive Prince
Reconstruction, 2600 words (Yuletide 2016), Damen/Laurent. The Regent is dead, but there's a lot of work to be done.

Sanctuary, 1000 words (Yuletide 2010), Ran/Gingetsu - After Suu's death, Ran chooses what to say, and what not to say.

The Chronicles of Narnia
From the Collected Works of Solwing: England, 700 words - post-SC poem-fic inspired by [personal profile] bedlamsbard's Warsverse. DW link.

Last Will, and Testament, 5000 words, Susan Pevensie, Will Stanton, Bran Davies, Jane Drew - Will already knew what Susan's will said, at least in outline; after all, he'd helped her to draft it, and agreed years ago to be her executor. Warning: character death.

Dessa music
…And A Song For Minneapolis, 2540 words (Yuletide 2012), original characters - "Children's Work," the little mystic and his handler grow up.

The Fractured Realms books - Frances Hardinge
Paragon's Tale, 2140 words (New Year's Resolutions 2013), Paragon Collymoddle - What did Paragon do after Toll, you ask? Well now, thereby hangs a tale……

Gouhou Drug | Legal Drug
The Momiji File, 4550 words (Yuletide 2009), Rikuou/Kazahaya - Rikuou and Kazahaya take a request immediately after their return from "that weird school." Translation in italiano by [ profile] scottishrefugee.

Gullstruck Island | The Lost Conspiracy - Frances Hardinge
The Lost Revolution, 4300 words (Yuletide 2013), Hathin, Minchard Prox - The Lost Revolution, and how it came to pass.

Half World
from the Classic of the Three Realms, 4800 words (Kaleidoscope 2011) - Gao Zhen Xi and Jade Rat, from their first meeting to their final parting. Warning: character death.

Heian jidai | Heian period RPF
Bangai (Apocrypha), 1800 words (Yuletide 2010) Sei Shounagon, Empress Teishi - Sei reflects on her life and her writing. Podfic read by [personal profile] via_ostiense.

Brush Talk, 2800 words (Yuletide 2010), Sei Shounagon/Murasaki Shikibu - Sei and Murasaki encounter each other at Ishiyama-dera. Podfic read by [personal profile] via_ostiense.

Songs by Ono no Komachi, 2100 words (Yuletide 2011), Ono no Komachi, Ki no Tsurayuki - One person's autumn is another's spring: two poets, and a singular friendship. Podfic read by [ profile] cloudlake.

Symbolic Logic, 1160 words, Ariadne, Yusuf, Arthur, Eames - Immediately after landing in LAX, Ariadne has a destabilizing realization.

The Necromancer Chronicles
A Midwinter's Tale 988 words (Yuletide Madness 2009) - After Symir, Isyllt adjusts and readjusts.

The Old Kingdom Chronicles
Empty-handed, 1500 words (Yuletide 2009) - In the aftermath of Orannis, Lirael and Sam have a conversation.

Gravedust, 2700 words (New Year's Resolutions 2009), Original female character - The Librarian of Wyverly College, and her life alongside and across the Wall. Podfic by [personal profile] winkingstar.

The Wallmaker's Carol, 4200 words (New Year's Resolutions 2012) - Lirael and Nick spend Midwinter in Belisaere with Lirael and Sam's family.

Sengoku jidai RPF | Sengoku period RPF
Worthy Opponents, 1200 words (Kaleidoscope 2012) - Mogami Yoshihime and her son Date Masamune, then and now.

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo | The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Turning and Turning, 2800 words (Parallels 2011), Makoto/Chiaki/Kousuke - A lot can change in twenty years. Some things don't.

Sherlock Holmes
Infernal Machines, 730 words, Holmes/Watson - Watson and Holmes explore the limits of invention. DW link

Recompense, 9510 words, Adler/Watson, Holmes/Watson, Morstan/Watson - John Watson is haunted by three spirits, one of whom isn't even dead. DW link

Second Face, 8360 words, Adler/Holmes, Holmes/Watson - Sequel to Recompense. Marseilles holds more than one surprise for Irene Adler.

steampunk AU
The Flying Empire, 35K words (Holmes Big Bang 2010), - Holmes takes a case that leads him into contact with Countess Ada Lovelace as well as direct conflict with a controversial but well-placed officer of His Majesty's Aery, to Scotland and back to London via the skies above. Accompanying art by [personal profile] darthneko.

Known Associates, 1200 words, Holmes/Watson/Morstan - Captain Mary Watson has an entirely expected encounter while keeping vigil at John's bedside. DW link.

Honi soit qui mal y pense, OT3, 5900 words - Sherlock Holmes returns, Captain Watson takes calculated risks, and Dr. Watson just cracks on.

Sherlock Holmes/Hǎi shàng huā liè chuá | The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai
Nothing on Earth of Interest (Seeds of the Melon), 900 words, OT3, Huang Cuifeng, Irene Adler, Ah Q - Shanghai, 1894 - Courtesans, captains, colonialists, detectives, opera reformers, revolutionaries, spies: when a murder in the foreign settlement forces Inspector Ah Quei into collaboration with the famed Sherlock Holmes, the two men find that Shanghai holds secrets enough to shake two empires.

Star Trek: TOS Novels
On Alien Seas, and Shores, 12,110 words ([community profile] treknovelfest 2009), Jean Lorrah's The Vulcan Academy Murders, T'Mir, original characters - T'Mir of Vulcan sails from Italy to Ireland. DW link.

Tolkien's Legendarium
Concerning Galadriel, Celeborn, and the History of Ennorath, 18K words, Galadriel/Celeborn, Aragorn/Arwen, Elrond - A history of Galadriel from the Elder Days until just before the War of the Ring.

Michelle West novels
The World Ends With You, 600 words (Yuletide Madness 2009) - Duster, and honesty at the edge. Warning: mention of past rape.

X-Men: First Class
Five-Minute Studies, 1600 words, Erik/Charles - two prompts written in (roughly) five minutes each for [ profile] luninosity.

Synthesis (Scenes from an AU), 15K words, Erik/Charles - Synthesis is a dynamic process. Or, scenes from the AU where Charles and Erik have sex, get married, become best friends, and run the school together.

The Most Sincere Patch, 3300 words, Erik/Charles - "Sexy professor" Charles meets a sexy vampire at Moira's annual Halloween party.

Wages (the Only in Our Dreams remix), 4100 words, Erik/Charles - A slice of Regency romance, remixed from another writer's fic.

My translations of manga series may be found using the links in this journal's sidebar.

All are available at my account.

Quantum of Darkness (Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini), AO3 page.

This Red Play of Fate Must Go On (Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto)

Blood Runs Thicker Than Bleach (Bleach)

Revolution Rondo (Le Chevalier d'Eon)

Prep School Revolutionaries (Code Geass)

Revolution Repeating (Code Geass/R2)

Real Sparks, Fake Stars (Darker Than BLACK)

Eden Is a Place on Earth (Eden of the East | Higashi no Eden)

Yuna's Vertigo (Final Fantasy X, X-2), AO3 page.

Building Yevon (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy Revolution (Final Fantasy VII & AC, VIII, X, X-2)

A Kingdom Hearts Attack (Just the Kind I Like) (Kingdom Hearts)

O Kingdom Hearts Fortuna (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Wonderwall (Kingdom Hearts)

The War of the Irises (Romeo x Juliet)

The Destiny of Roses (Let It Will Be) (Rose of Versailles)

The Red Queen's Game (xxxHOLiC~Kei)

Most are available on my YouTube channel.

Too Big to Fail (Occupy Wall Street)
Starman (Prometheus)
雙女|Double Woman (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame)

All You Need Is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow) - Festivids 2014
The Call (MST3K 8x20 - Space Mutiny) - Festivids 2014
Tonari no Gamera (Gamera movies [Showa series]) - Festivids 2014
Just a Dream Away (Star Trek: The Animated Series)
The One You Won't Forget (Agent Carter)
Are You Out There? remaster (Contact)

Relations of Life (Europa Report) - Festivids 2015
Galaxyrise (space exploration) - Festivids 2015
Automatic Joy (Ex Machina) - Festivids 2015
Tesseract (Interstellar)
Out Alive (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation)
Don't Stop Believing remaster (Star Trek 2009)

Heroes (Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries) - Festivids 2016
state of war (Haywire) - Festivids 2016
We Are Who We Are (Star Trek Beyond) - Equinox Spring 2017
1985 (Tomorrowland)
Halfway Away (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Fall of the Jedi (The Clone Wars)
Heartlines (The Chronicles of Narnia) - Autumn Equinox 2017
Get Behind Me, Hogfather! (Hogfather) - Autumn Equinox 2017