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!!! page 01
Madam Oreille: Now then,

The sudden death team cooking battle has begun!

Which team will wow the tongue of Hei-sama, the masked king of big eaters?

Text: Information vendor Madam Oreille

Hei: How did it come to this?

Mao: Don't ask me, Hei.
This is the Gate. No matter what happens, it's not strange.

MO: As you can see, the participating teams are drawn from multiple countries' intelligence agencies.

Text: Team FSB

Team MI6

Team Section 3

MO: The winning team will receive prepared information and reserved first-class tickets for dinner with Hei-sama, the masked king of big eaters!

Text: Team Train?

Suou: Let's do our best!

Misaki: Yeah!
!!! page 02
MO: Now then, work hard!

Twins: Work hard!

MO: Start cooking!!!

Additionally, since having battles other than cooking with other teams will result in immediate expulsion, please be careful.

FX: Evil eye gleam

Hei: @#!#!

Text: April

April: …So what will we do? I'm not good at cooking.

FX: Chuckling

Text: August

August: There's no problem, it's merely cooking.

Text: July

FX: Flashy

August: Watch

FX: Quick

Text: England's covert intelligence agency - the MI6 team
!!! page 03
August: Direct from the Mitsuya restaurant!

FX: Reveal

August: The luxurious splendor of authentic French cooking!
This is

The power of true magic, without tricks!

MO: Right, you failed.

August: WHY?

MO: You didn't make it yourself.

April: Idiot.

July: Idiot.

Text: Team MI6: Elimination

April: …So,
What about the other teams…?

FX: Blank

Text: Tanya

April: Woah, I can see the punch line…

Tanya: …
!!! page 04
Text: The Russian Federation public security bureau: Team FSB

FX: Wind

Text: Goran

Goran: I've brought the ingredients.

Text: Lieutenant Colonel Lepunin

Lepunin: Right, good work. Put it over there.

Sometimes those powers of yours do come in handy.

It'd be good if it helped in your duty, too.

FX: Chomping

Goran: I'm just weak against rain showers.

Lepunin: Well, whatever…
I'll show you the essence of Russian cooking.

Tanya: Can I do something to hel…

Lepunin: !

Goran: ?

Lepunin: No, Tanya, wait.
…Just stay there, don't move!

Tanya: …Why?

Lepunin: Because your ability, bugs…
It's bad for this…!

Very bad.

Tanya: In a movie a brown rat cooked and was praised for it.

Lepunin: That was a movie! Forget about it. Though he was famous.
Anyway, don't touch anything!
That's an order!

FX: Taking offense
!!! page 05
FX: Buzzing


Text: Team FSB: Elimination

FX: Sigh

MO: They'd come to that eventually.

Mao: Come on, what's that worry for at this point?

MO: I wonder whether it'll finish, as a project?

Mao: As to that, the girls' team and Section 3 are still in the running.
Victory's been decided…

Text: Shizume Genma

Shizume: I think somehow matters have taken a turn for the worse…

Text: Team Section 3

Sawasaki Youko

Youko: Here you are, Hazuki-sama.

Text: Hazuki Mina

Mina: Hold the blade softly, like this…

Very good.
!!! page 06
Youko: Ah--


FX: Drop of blood

FX: Quick

Youko: Oh! ♥

FX: Sucking

Mina: Are you okay, Youko?

FX: Dazed

Youko: Y--y--yes, Hazuki-sama.

Mina: Is that so.

FX: Spinning around

Youko: Thank you very much.

FX: Smooching noises

Shizume: They just won't stop
That stuff.

Text: Asparagus

Mina: In that case, you bastard…

FX: Death-glare

Mina: How about you work those lazy hands?

FX: Fling

FX: Whap

FX: Impact

Shizume: Look out!

FX: Sharp cutting
!!! page 07
Shizume: Oh.

Mina: Hang in there, Youko!

FX: Wilted

Mina: Bastaaard!

FX: Clang

Shizume: What?
You saying that was my fault:

FX: Clash

Mao: They might be out too.

Hei: …What I make is better…

FX: Quick

Mao: Hey, where are you going?


M&S: Finished!

Yin: …
!!! page 08
Text: Kirihara Misaki made niku-jaga.

Yin made cream croquettes.

Suo made perimeni deluxe.

Suou: …We certainly did each go her own way.

Yin: …

Misaki: …But that's because we didn't budge on making these.

Suou: Anyway, you're a Doll, but you cooked.

Yin: I studied.

Misaki: Aren't you blind?

Yin: It's fine.
This girl is here too.

FX: Waving

Misaki: ?

Suou: Right!

Now we'll have him say which of is the tastiest,
And the winner.

Misaki: It…it's fine if I'm not the tastiest.
Just as long as he likes it…

Suou: Come on, eat!

Suou: …What? Where's Hei?

Mao: He's already at the table.

Misaki: !?
!!! page 09
Hei: Since about this much

Had to be made.

FX: Ta-da

Misaki: …Li-kun, you, all of this…

Yin: …

FX: Steaming

Suou: …It looks really delicious…

Hei: Put those down already.

This is your portion…not mine.

FX: Smiling

Suou: Right.

Mao: …So what happened to the contest, in the end?

MO: Since they're the only ones left, does it matter who won?
!!! page 10
Mao: A likely story.

There really is no information prepared, is there?

MO: Hahaha.
Isn't it enough just to have had this dream?


Mao: The Gate where wishes are granted and something is lost?

FX: Fidgeting

MO: That's something that can't be granted if you're afraid of losing it.
This dream was like that.

Mao: Certainly,

No matter who wished for it,

A dream like this isn't bad.
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