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Somehow this manga turned into a tragedy when I wasn't looking.

!!! page 01
FX: Sudden

Watanuki: There's someone behind…

I don't think
There's anyone behind me.

FX: Slowly

I'm not making a guess or anything.

This person is watching me.

!!! page 02
Girl: Do you have business with that person?

Watanuki: No…

Girl: Um?

Watanuki: It's not just my form,
But even my voice that she's perceiving?

I don't know how, but because we met here,

Even if I open my eyes,
I don't know whether I'll be able to enter this room again the next time.

!!! page 03
Watanuki: There's no doubt that the crimson pearl is here.



Girl: A friend of that person?

Watanuki: "That person"?

Girl: The person who lives in this room.

Watanuki: You don't live here?

!!! page 04
Girl: I've been left here.

Watanuki: ?
You're injured.

Girl: Yes.
!!! page 05
Watanuki: Besides, this room--


Girl: When that person
Hits me in places, my arms and legs hurt, so they said I'd better stop.

Watanuki: …You don't--

Your, those wounds…
!!! page 06
Girl: Yes.

Since they hurt when I'm hit, it's better to stop…

Watanuki: !


FX: Sudden
!!! page 07
FX: Sharp snapping

Watanuki: Did I get too impatient, and open my eyes?
!!! page 08
FX: Creak

Watanuki: I crossed the dream.
And I entered the confirmed room.

…If I blundered, I should be injured.
But I'm not.


That person saw and spoke to me.
!!! page 09
Watanuki: Is it the fault of what the spider lady is searching for?
Or perhaps…

That person…
!!! page 10
Watanuki: What is it,
Maru, Moro?

M&M: Can we talk?

Watanuki: Sure.

FX: Smooth

Watanuki: Come in.

Maru: Telephone.

FX: Footsteps

Watanuki: Who is it?

FX: Footsteps
!!! page 11
Moro: Himawari.

Watanuki: Is that so?
Is she waiting for me?

M&M: Yes.

Watanuki: Thank you.

FX: Slowly
!!! page 12
Watanuki: Hello.
!!! page 13
Himawari: Good evening, Watanuki-kun.

Watanuki: Good evening, Himawari-chan.
!!! page 14
Himawari: Were you sleeping again?

Watanuki: In a waking way.

Himawari: Work?

Watanuki: Well, yes.

But, I woke up fine today.
There were things to mend.

How are you, Himawari-chan?

Himawari: I'm at college.

Watanuki: That's right.

Your college is far away,
And since it's cold, you have to keep warm.
!!! page 15
Himawari: I'm fine.

I'm wearing the gloves you gave me, Watanuki-kun.

Watanuki: I'll knit again.
I'll have Doumeki deliver them.

Himawari: Doumeki-kun is busy too, isn't he?
He has fieldwork in the folklore studies department.

Watanuki: It seems I'll have to make him do it until he quits.
As my errand boy.

Himawari: You two get along as well as ever.
!!! page 16
Watanuki: We don't!
Not at all!

FX: Hmph

Watanuki: No matter how much time passes!

Himawari: Ha ha ha.

Watanuki: Well, until he says something, I'll keep pushing him around.

Himawari: …Since it's impossible for me to receive them directly, huh.
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