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And now I must go sleep the sleep of those who will have to shovel out their cars for work in the morning.

!!! page 01
Watanuki: …Yes.

I'm sorry.

Himawari: You have nothing to apologize for, Watanuki-kun.
You're always thinking of me.

I understand that.

Watanuki: Even so,

…I'm sorry.
!!! page 02
Himawari: But,
I'll definitely go on April 1,
To the store.

With everyone, to congratulate you on your birthday, Watanuki-kun.

I promise that.

Watanuki: …Yeah.


Himawari: What?

Watanuki: Thank you.
!!! page 03
Himawari: …I love you,

Watanuki: Me too.
I love you too, Himawari-chan.

FX: Click
!!! page 04
Doumeki: Kunogi?

Watanuki: Yeah.

Meet her the day after tomorrow.
There's something I want you to give her.

Doumeki: Got it.

Watanuki: Dinner?

Doumeki: I haven't eaten.
The stuff you asked for is in the kitchen.
!!! page 05
Watanuki: You're ready and willing to eat here, aren't you? Like always.

FX: Popping up

Watanuki: Maru, Moro--Help me with the prep for dinner.

FX: Footsteps

M&M: Right!

FX: Quiet impact

Mokona: Are you
Meeting with Himawari, Doumeki?

Doumeki: Yeah.

She wants to know how Watanuki's doing.
!!! page 06
Doumeki: Since Kunogi promised that she wouldn't enter this shop more than once a year.

Mokona: To Watanuki,

Assorted customers come to this shop.
Their requests are assorted too.

And it's not just good and beautiful things in the treasure room, either.

For Himawari,
Here isn't good.

Not at all.
!!! page 07
Doumeki: …That so?

Mokona: I think Yuuko made the same decision when she was owner.

After she granted your and Himawari's wish in the store, Doumeki.
The only time she invited Himawari was for Watanuki's birthday.

Doumeki: Really.

Mokona: But what Watanuki realized besides that,
When he inherited the store, was that about a year had passed.

In a year, Watanuki's power had certainly grown strong…
!!! page 08
Doumeki: He said that to Kunogi when she came to wish him a happy birthday, didn't he?
That it'd be better if she didn't come.

Mokona: Watanuki can't leave here.

FX: Nod

Crossing and meeting in dreams has an ill effect on Himawari's nature.
So he told her not to come to the store, but--

Doumeki: Kunogi didn't agree.

Mokona: So that's why they can only meet and talk once a year.

They decided to meet in the store on Watanuki's birthday.
!!! page 09
Mokona: Right.

Were you with them then, Doumeki?

Doumeki: I heard it afterward from Kunogi.

If they can only meet face-to-face once a year,
She asked me to let her know as much as I could about him.

Mokona: I see.

Doumeki: He's important to Kunogi.

Mokona: It's the same for Watanuki.

He's always doing his best to use all the techniques he remembers
So that the store can become even a little bit better for Himawari.
!!! page 10
Mokona: For the sake of April 1.

Doumeki: …Yeah.
I'm sure Kunogi knows…everything.

That's why she chose to treat his choice as importantly as he does.
!!! page 11
Mokona: …And you, Doumeki?

Doumeki: ……

…I still
Have to decide.
!!! page 12
FX: Clicking
!!! page 13
Girl: You're the person from yesterday.

Watanuki: Again,
Your wounds…

Girl: Yes.
That person hit me with all their strength.

So my wounds are growing again.

Watanuki: About those--

Doesn't it hurt?

Girl: It hurts.

Watanuki: Then, why that…
!!! page 14
Girl: Even if I'm injured, they won't change.

Watanuki: Huh?

Girl: I've said that,
And that person won't stop.

Besides, more than the wounds,

It might be that I knew it was hopeless.

Is your errand not with that person?

Watanuki: No.


I'm searching for a crimson pearl.
!!! page 15
Girl: You were asked by the spider-lady?

Watanuki: You know her?

Girl: Because I promised her.

That this time, if I produced a crimson pearl,
I'd give it to her.

Watanuki: Produce…?
!!! page 16
Girl: I'm quite glad.

FX: Rattling

Watanuki: ?!

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