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Why does it feel like the more I accomplish the more I have to do?

!!! page 01
Kobato: Fujimoto-san…When I sang with him playing the organ, I understood...

My chest hurt and hurt…
Enough that my tears wouldn't stop...

…I love
That person.

But…to Fujimoto-san, I must be

Annoying, and always failing, and unhelpful…
!!! page 02
Kobato: I must be,
I'm sure he

Doesn't…love me…

Ioryogi: …Kobato…
!!! page 03
Drop 20: Love
!!! page 04
FX: Straightening paper

Sayaka: …I wonder if
Kobato-chan's okay.

She said she could go home alone,
But I think I should have sent someone with her.

Fujimoto: She didn't say she was feeling bad.

Sayaka: No.

And she didn't have a fever, either.
!!! page 05
Sayaka: Kobato-chan's always cheerful and smiling;
That she would cry like that…

There's been a lot of depressing stuff lately, but
Kobato-chan was always smiling,

And she really cheered me up.

So I wonder whether there's something I can do for her.
!!! page 06
Fujimoto: …

Sayaka: Don't you feel the same, Fujimoto-kun?
!!! page 07
!!! page 08
!!! page 09
Ioryogi: …Kobato…


FX: Clattering
!!! page 10
FX: Slam

Ioryogi: Why are you in a place like this?
What about the baumkuchen shop?

FX: Landing

Genko: Since I have a part-timer,
I left it to him.

Ioryogi: Yeah?

So the bear is taking a night-time

Won't he be shot like a wild beast?

Genko: Since you couldn't come yourself, I came to you.
!!! page 11
Ioryogi: Why couldn't I go to your place?

Genko: Don't mock my information gathering skills.
…It's because of that girl.

Ioryogi: …

Genko: She's not just your problem,


Ioryogi: …That guy who was at the Yomogi Kindergarten when I talked to you before.
!!! page 12
Genko: Yeah,
He was there.

Ioryogi: Today, while she was crying,
Kobato-chan said

…That she loves

After that, since everyone was there, she only cried once,
But when she returned to the room she cried and cried.

Until she fell asleep.

Genko: …But
!!! page 13
Ioryogi: Right.

Kobato came to this earth at God's command.

So that she could go to the place she wanted to go, she had to fill the bottle up with hearts she'd healed.


If that wish is granted,

Kobato won't be able to see Fujimoto anymore.
!!! page 14
Genko: If she gives up
On her wish, and hopes to be together with that Fujimoto…

Ioryogi: We'll stay like this.

Genko: …That's not all, though.
Are you okay with that?
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