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Thanks to [ profile] selenityshiroi for the scans.

!!! page 01
Genko: We joined
The war you waged in heaven

Because we understood that you really had fallen in love with that angel.

The one you met on the bridge.
!!! page 02
Genko: It's decided that heaven and earth will meet on that bridge for one season and discuss matters of mutual importance to both worlds.
Just once, twelve years ago, the otherworld joined them.
At that time, with the otherworld included, all three worlds made decisions.

Though you were a member of the royal family,
You constantly skipped that sort of meeting.

Ioryogi: Because they're annoying.
!!! page 03
Genko: Thanks to you I got it in the neck from the king!!

Even if you'd gone as far as the bridge you should have disappeared before the meeting!!

In that vanishing time, you met an angel.

Ioryogi: Yeah.

By the lake near the bridge.
!!! page 04
Genko: That you, famous in the otherworld for your ridiculous rudeness,
Would be unable to forget someone you'd met just once--

That must have been a beautiful angel.

Ioryogi: I didn't think she was beautiful.
Somehow, when we first met, she fell out of a tree.

Genko: A tree?!

Ioryogi: Yeah.

She floundered like her wings had been caught.

I should have left her there, but she got stuck in the branches the more she struggled--
Well, maybe my head's a little weak.

Genko: Hey now.
!!! page 05
Ioryogi: When I got her down she bowed her head
And said that she wanted to thank me somehow.
And when I said I didn't need that,

She started to sing.

Genko: …That must have been an amazing song.

That's because she

Was the angel entrusted by God with the role of incubating the "angel egg."
!!! page 06
Genko: But "Kohaku" is fine.
"That angel from whom you inherited what happened after" is fine.

Did you promise to cause problems with the one who incubated the "angel egg"?

Ioryogi: …Shut up.

Genko: You wanted her enough to break a sacred taboo, that angel.

If that girl's wish is granted you really won't be able to obtain her.
!!! page 07
Ioryogi: …I know.

I know that
Better than anyone.
!!! page 08
Fujimoto: …
!!! page 09
FX: Soft impact

FX: Hurried

FX: Slow movement

FX: Knocking
!!! page 10
FX: Silence

Fujimoto: …

FX: Squeeze

Kobato: …Yes?

Fujimoto: Oh…
…It's me.

Kobato: Good evening.

I'm sorry,
I can't
Open the door now.
!!! page 11
Fujimoto: No,
That's fine.


Are you still crying?

Kobato: …

Are you troubled
By my crying, Fujimoto-san?

Fujimoto: "Troubled"?

If you were as upbeat and smiling as always,
That wouldn't be bad.
!!! page 12
Fujimoto: Hey.

Are you really okay…?

Kobato: The sun will definitely come out tomorrow,
So I'll be all right.
!!! page 13
Fujimoto: Be sure to sleep.

And also,
…Don't come late tomorrow.

FX: Creak

FX: Door shutting

FX: Creak

Kobato: …

FX: Door shutting
!!! page 14
Kobato: …Just for today.

FX: Sitting flat

Kobato: Since it's just for today,

Since I'll smile properly tomorrow,
I can't do anything more.

Just for today, I'm sorry,


Wait, so we have unrequited Kohaku/Iorogi going on here? (Also, "angel egg"? WTH, CLAMP, this isn't Angelic Layer…is it?)
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