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Camera raws can be found here thanks to anonymous. Also, this chapter was ridiculously well timed, and in some ways so is my translation. Enjoy the equinox, all! 

!!! page 01
A special power dwells in the flowers and in this man--
Everything will be used for the sake of the existences he must protect.

!!! page 02
FX: Snip

Fox: Excuse me.

Watanuki: Hey.
!!! page 03

Fox: Um,
Um, here.

I tried making something new.

Watanuki: Tea castella, huh.

Fox: I baked them just as you said, but...
!!! page 04
Watanuki: May I eat them?

Fox: Sure.

FX: Nibble

FX: Pounding heart

Watanuki: Delicious.

Fox: Re--really?

I wonder if I should put them out in Father's stand.

Watanuki: Sure.
I'm sure he'll say that these are all right.

Fox: I'm glad--
!!! page 05
Watanuki: You really are something.
Selling the castella you made yourself to give your father a birthday present.

Fox: Huh?
Not at all!

I always picked him flowers or something until now,
But since there was something I want to give him this year…

Watanuki: What did you want to give him?

FX: Plopping down

Fox: An apron.
A new one, since the old one is wearing out.

But don't say anything to Father.

Since I said that I was going to put the money from the castella in a bank.

Watanuki: Yeah.
Of course it's a secret.

Before this, I didn't properly say thank you for bringing the oden stand to the store.
!!! page 06
Watanuki: Thank you.

Fox: I'm sure Father will be pleased.

FX: Blushing

Watanuki: Now then.

Shall I make preparations too?
!!! page 07
Doumeki: Sorry I'm late.

Watanuki: Did you visit your house properly?

Doumeki: Yeah.

Watanuki: What's with not telling me that you planned to stay over until today? 

Doumeki: You don't care about my parishioners.

Watanuki: But tonight it's all of your favorite things, isn't it?

Doumeki: Yeah.
!!! page 08
Watanuki: Since it's a birthday.

But there's hardly any birthdays this unfitting.
March 3.

FX: Puffing

Watanuki: The doll festival.

Doumeki: The doll festival is the Jyoushi seasonal festival, isn't it?
It was the morning of the first day of the third lunar month, but later it was changed to March 3 so that it wouldn't fluctuate.

In the past it was thought that on the days the seasons changed it was easy for ill will to enter.
Its fundamental purpose was to be a "talisman."
!!! page 09
Doumeki: Besides, it's also called the peach blossom festival.

Watanuki: Because it's peach blossom season?

Doumeki: Not just that.

The third day of the third month of the lunar calendar is certainly peach blossom season, but--
!!! page 10
Doumeki: In the past it was believed that peach blossoms had the power to purify ill will,
Because they were absorbed into various Shinto rituals.

FX: Finishing off

Ill will was called "demons,"
And peach blossoms exorcise demons.

That's why Momotarou is a demon-hunter.

And that's why it's not just a festival for girls.

FX: Pouring liquid

Watanuki: Wasn't it pointless for you to go to college?
!!! page 11
Watanuki: So peach blossoms purify ill will,
!!! page 12
Watanuki: I see.
If you think that, I won't say your birthday doesn't suit you.

FX: Rummaging

FX: Slowly

Until the Meiji reforms, the Japanese calendar was the lunar calendar that's still used throughout Asia to calculate the Lunar New Year/Spring Festival. This calendar was deemed un-modern by the government, which adopted the Western calendar and set the New Year in Japan as January 1, with the result that there's about a five-week discrepancy, depending, between the official and lunar calendars. So the lunar first month is February, which means that the doll/peach festival was originally at the beginning of April (as can be seen by the fact that the festival starts at the hour of the serpent, 9-11am).
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