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!!! page 01
Doumeki: What's that?

Watanuki: Just what you see.

Doumeki: A ring?

Watanuki: Hold out your hand.
!!! page 02
Doumeki: It's small.

FX: Tight squeeze

Watanuki: Give it all you've got.

Strictly speaking it's a thimble.

FX: Slurp

You can do sewing with it.

If you want to, you can do that all you like.

That thing's use is different.

FX: Exhaling

FX: Slowly
!!! page 03
Watanuki: What?

Doumeki: …Beyond that wall.

Watanuki: Outside?

Doumeki: Is something

!!! page 04
Doumeki: There.

FX: Spreading outward
!!! page 05
Watanuki: There is something hanging around outside the store.

I don't know whether it's correct to call something that big and stagnant a spirit.

Doumeki: Is it always there?

Watanuki: Well, occasionally.
You might not have encountered it.

FX: Tap

Fit that onto the index finger of your left hand.

Doumeki: It wouldn't fit on my ring finger earlier.

Watanuki: It's fine.

FX: Slowly
!!! page 06
!!! page 07
FX: Slowly


Slowly, slowly

Silent roar
!!! page 08
FX: Rushing

Doumeki: Watanuki!

FX: Sudden
!!! page 09
FX: Spinning around
!!! page 10-11
FX: Sudden widening

Spirit: Eeeeeee [T/N: Screeching]
!!! page 12
Spirit: Eeeeeee

Doumeki: What is this?

FX: Snaking movement

Watanuki: A tool for purification.
Made from the wood of a peach tree.

It secures and embodies the power of the wearer.
!!! page 13
Watanuki: Its shape isn't fixed.

Yours was a bow after all.

FX: Slowly, slowly

FX: Creak

FX: Thud

Doumeki: You were making some sort of seal in the air just now, weren't you.

You cut the barrier.

Watanuki: It's not all good that knowledge of this field should grow.

Doumeki: I didn't think you should check whether you could do that.
It's already rejoined.
!!! page 14
Watanuki: …I'll do it.
It's your birthday.

Doumeki: Was this in the storeroom?

Watanuki: No.
Almost all of what's in the storeroom isn't mine.

It's the spider-lady's payment.

She told me that handing over the crimson pearl and this thimble weren't in harmony, but
In addition, I persuaded her with a taste of my blood.

FX: Crumbling

Watanuki: Along with my right eye, that seemed to be the same value as that.

Even if you can't see them, you can sense when things aren't right by their auras.
You could purify them with an actual bow, too, but you can't keep that with you all the time.
!!! page 15
Watanuki: With that, the size and the construction and the grip will all be within your tolerance range.

…You'll shoot.

When it gets dangerous, you'll shoot without confusion.

No matter what happens.
!!! page 16
Doumeki: …Even to you?

Watanuki: If it's me,

Even more so.

They're broken.

FX: Crumbling

As expected, since it's still cold.

If you're staying over, clean that up and go take a bath.
If you're going to drink more, go to your room.

FX: Footsteps
!!! page 17
Doumeki: I
…Still have to


Watanuki: They're broken, but Shaoran-kun entrusted them to me.
Even if I put them away, he'd like it.

FX: Door clattering
!!! page 18
Watanuki: Shall I put them in here?

FX: Creak


A magic seal…were these sealed away?
There's something about that proportion…
!!! page 19
Watanuki: Like they…

Were waiting for me…

These…They're a work of art.
And the strength is perfect…

At the least they don't seem like they'll harm me.

No, rather,
They seem like they're protecting…
!!! page 20
Watanuki: Did you know that my glasses would break and that
I'd touch this?

There is no coincidence in this world.
Everything is inevitable.


FX: Lid closing

See you in June, everyone!
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