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Thanks to [ profile] cutesherry for the raws!

!!! page 01
FX: Birds chirping


FX: Sliding the window

Sayaka: I wonder if Kobato-chan is coming.

Fujimoto: …I…
!!! page 02
Fujimoto: …

…But she said, "The sun will come out tomorrow,
So I'll be all right."

Sayaka: Right.

Kobato-chan said that to show you
her demeanor.

FX: Uncomfortable…

Fujimoto: I'm going to clean outside!

FX: Spinning around

FX: Door shutting

Sayaka: Do you understand,
!!! page 03
Sayaka: You were never very good at showing your emotions,

But you've changed so much since you met Kobato-chan.


…Have to change too.
!!! page 04
Fujimoto: It's not like a I made a special trip,

FX: Footsteps

She's just next door…!

Kobato: Good morning!!!

Fujimoto: AUGH!!
!!! page 05
Kobato: Huh?!

FX: Heart pounding

Was there something behind you?!

Fujimoto: No! It's you!

Kobato: Huh?!


Did I do something strange?!

FX: Dusting off

Fujimoto: You're always strange.

FX: Horrible revelation

Kobato: WHAAT?!

FX: Strange!

FX: Cough
!!! page 06
Fujimoto: …You okay?

FX: Smooth

Kobato: Yes,
I'm fine.

Since the weather is nice today,
I decided.

Fujimoto: …?
!!! page 07
Kobato: That's right!
Thank you for the Tyrol cakes last night!

FX: Turning head

Fujimoto: Well…don't mention it.

It was incidental.

Kobato: But I was glad.
!!! page 08
Fujimoto: Which was tastiest?

Kobato: All of them.
They all looked really delicious.

Fujimoto: Does that mean
You haven't eaten them yet?

Kobato: No.

Fujimoto: But,

FX: Mumble

There were one that was tasty…

FX: Mumble
!!! page 09
Kobato: Yes?

Fujimoto: …

FX: Oh--!!

Fujimoto: It's nothing!

FX: Sudden

FX: Total surprise

Fujimoto: We're starting cleaning!

FX: Unhestating

Kobato: Right!

But, Fujimoto-san,
There aren't any brooms!

FX: Blushing
!!! page 10
Fujimoto: I was just going to get them!!

FX: Telephone

FX: Taking a breath

FX: Clench
!!! page 11
Fujimoto: …I'm getting brooms.

Kobato: …Sure.

For Fujimoto-san, the biggest worry and the most important person
…Is Sayaka-sensei, huh.

Ioryogi: …
!!! page 12
Kobato: …I
Want to heal Fujimoto-san.

Not because I want to fill up the bottle, I just…
Want Fujimoto-san to smile.

Ioryogi: …Really.
!!! page 13
Kobato: So…Kobato

Will do her best.

FX: Quick movement

Kobato: ?

FX: Popping up

Kobato: You're…

Holy crap, dude in black, you're the plot! I thought we'd lost you completely!

I'm so tempted to use the interrobang in these translations, you don't even know.
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