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Tonight I made soup, and washed the dishes, and picked up three books from the library. I feel like there's something I'm forgetting to talk about, but damned if I can remember what.

So instead let me just take the opportunity to say that Kamikaze Girls (the book) is AWESOME. I love Momoko so much, she is so great! Ichigo is great too, but Momoko is first in my heart because she is the narrator. I am totally going to try to find some of Novala's other books (in Japanese, for great kanji virtue) at Book-Off on Saturday. Also the book is hilarious, which is not something I can actually say all that often. Momoko, I ♥ you!

Oh yeah, I started reading a book called Pioneer Women of Historic Haddonfield last night, and I am amused that I can tell that 95% of the chapter on Elizabeth Haddon is lies, discriminately salted with facts and the odd detail that rings true. (Who would have thought the Haddonfield Historical Society would be a comparative paragon of truth and scholarship?) Also apparently Longfellow wrote a poem about Elizabeth Haddon? Yes I'm going to post that on here for NPM, and I'm not sorry, not at all. She was awesome too, though luckily for my purposes there's far too little in the historical record about her to write anything like a biography.
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