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!!! page 01
Is there a wish you want to grant
Even if you lose

!!! page 02
FX: Rustling

Watanuki: Now,

What should I do…

Mokona: Did you do it yet, Watanuki?

FX: Tapping feet

Watanuki: No,
Not yet.

Mokona: Should Mokona think about it?

Watanuki: About my signature?
!!! page 03
Mokona: Yeah!
I'll think about it awesomely!

FX: Clapping

Mokona: The impact is important for sure!
It has to look super-alloyed!
And the deformity!
You can't leave that out!

FX: Flash

FX: Ta-da

Watanuki: Why does an alternative signature
Have to be super-alloyed and deformed?

Mokona: That's cool, isn't it?
A signature like a special effects hero!

FX: Sudden

FX: Pressing and turning

Mokona: It'll be unique!
They'll understand immediately that it's Watanuki's!
That's a signature's real ability!!

Watanuki: Well, a signature certainly is proof of the person, but

FX: Pluck

Watanuki: Usually, deconstructing the first kanji of your name, or making a design of something natural, is the done thing, isn't it?
!!! page 04
Watanuki: Like a flower

…Or a butterfly.

Mokona: …

FX: Plip plop

FX: Sound of the rain
!!! page 05
Watanuki: Rain, though it's clear.

A foxes' wedding,

…This is inevitability, too.

Shall I try it again, after so long?
!!! page 06
Watanuki: Close your eyes, don't think of anything,

Listen only for the first thing that you hear.

FX: Screeching

Watanuki: ?

Shaoran: A bird…
!!! page 07-08
!!! page 09
FX: Smooth motion

Mokona: Welcome home!!

FX: Sudden

Mokona: I'm home!!
!!! page 10
Fay: You're glad, aren't you, Mokona?

And Shaoran-kun too.

Watanuki: …Welcome.

Shaoran: We could finally come
!!! page 11
M&M: Gently, gently--

Fay: The Mokonas are sleeping, huh?

Kurogane: If they just make a commotion and bounce around and drink and eat,
They'll get sleepy.

FX: Breathing

Fay: They were just that happy
To finally meet.

FX: Ice clattering

Kurogane: Well…
!!! page 12
Fay: Shaoran-kun seems happy too.

He was always worried
About Watanuki-kun.

Kurogane: How many days is it
Since we left Clow country in these clothes?

Fay: Five hundred and twenty-days.
To us, that is.


It seems like it was longer for him.
!!! page 13
Shaoran: …So
Now, the store is…

Watanuki: Yes.
I've become the owner.

I'm sorry for breaking the eyeglasses you left.
They're in the storeroom, but--

Shaoran: Don't worry about it.

FX: Staring

Shaoran: …You've
Become strong.

In your power,

And your heart.
!!! page 14
Watanuki: If that's true,

That'd be good.

Have you met Sakura-chan?

Shaoran: No,

Not yet.
!!! page 15
Shaoran: But
We certainly will.

Watanuki: That's right.
!!! page 16
Watanuki: If you wish hard, dreams will come true.
!!! page 17
Mokona: Sorry.

FX: Glowing

Mokona: When this earring glows,
We have to go to the next world.

Mokona: It's all right.
We'll meet again.

FX: Sudden

Mokona: YES!!

Kurogane: Thanks for everything.

Fay: Sorry for freeloading for five days.
!!! page 18
Watanuki: Not at all.
You helped with shopping and cooking in exchange for it.

FX: Bounce

Fay: Say goodbye to Doumeki-kun.

It's too bad, Kuro-sama.

He said he'd bring
The reserved sake next time.

Watanuki: I'll set aside Doumeki's sake
For when you come again.

Shaoran: Thanks.
!!! page 19
FX: Swift

FX: Slowly
!!! page 20

FX: Wind howling

Shaoran: This…

Watanuki: At this point I might
Be able to help you so that the next world you go to is where Sakura-chan is.

Shaoran: But
the price…
!!! page 21
Watanuki: You already paid it

When you came to the store.

Shaoran: Huh?

Mokona: Later!

Mokona: Later!

FX: Swallowing sound
!!! page 22
Shaoran: I'll absolutely tell Sakura
That you helped us be able to meet.

FX: Dissipating
!!! page 23
Watanuki: I wonder if they went to the world where Sakura-chan is.

Mokona: They'll be fine,

That's right.
What was the price you received from Shaoran?

FX: Slowly…

Watanuki: The sign I received when I decided on a signature,
And scryed.

At that moment Shaoran-kun

Gave me a sound.

Shaoran: A bird…
!!! page 24
FX: Unfolding

Watanuki: A signature is something you use your whole life,
And in an occupatin like mine it combines a seal of protection.

It's more than enough for a price.
!!! page 25
Watanuki: I with them all the best
On their journey.

I missed this manga, and our TRC heroes. But I couldn't help but think of [personal profile] branchandroot's post.
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