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!!! page 01

[Top to bottom, then right to left]

Tokyo Bay Aquarium
Kawasaki Man-made Island

"Wind Tower"

Who's where now

Chapter 20: Clash
!!! page 02
…A little earlier

Mina: We have food and water and electricity…
We should be able to hide here for a while.

Vectrof: ……

FX: Beep beep

Vectrof: I don't think the Syndicate's that naive.

FX: Slap

Vectrof: A little more time to persuade the moderate faction within the Syndicate would have been nice, but…
In the end we are isolated…

Mina: …

Vectrof: I am truly sorry to have involved you when you'd broken off research.

Mina: It's all right…
The one who began the black flower research and discovered the awakening compound was me……
I have a responsibility to see it through.


It's not just us who are isolated and fighting.
!!! page 03
Mina: On the other hand…
I'm glad that I can be here.

Vectrof: …So am I.

Vectrof: …

FX: Bang bang

Mina: !!?

FX: Banging

Mina: Prof. Sergei, what's this noise!?

Vectrof: …!

FX: Banging

Asuka: Au…
!!! page 04
FX: Thud thud thud

FX: Banging

FX: Slam

Parcel: Gasping

FX: Snap

FX: Shatter

Parcel FX: Gasping

Parcel: That was close…

You okay, Champ?

Champ: Systems normal.

Parcel: Why didn't you know these guys were coming?

Champ: Surveillance impossible mid-battle.

Yin: The first man came through the tunnel.

Parcel: Really? Shit…

Let's go.
!!! page 05
Yin: ……

Parcel: Hey, hurry!

Yin: Hei…

Parcel: If you stayed here you'd just get in the way.
We have to get my ears first!

If we get my ears we can come back to help him!

Yin: ……

Parcel: Run!

Champ: !
Two enemies ahead.

Parcel: What!?

FX: Slam-crash

!!! page 06
Soldiers FX: Gun noise

Soldier: !

FX: Quick movement

FX: Double impact

FX: Slam

!!! page 07
FX: Ka-slam

Soldier: You damned monster--

FX: Gunfire

Champ FX: Grunt

FX: Bullets whining

Soldier: Shi--

FX: Empty

FX: Slam-thud

Champ: ?

FX: Creaking
!!! page 08
Soldier: We have the power of the black flower too.

FX: Glare

FX: Rumbling


Soldier: Damn straight.

FX: Rattle

FX: Sprinkling…

Soldier: Our ability is flexibility.

FX: Rubble falling

Your attack is ineffective.

Of course your face is flesh.


We won't let you escape.

FX: Slap

Parcel: Champ!
!!! page 09

FX: Gun noise

Soldier: !!?

FX: Metal flashing

Soldiers: Wha…

FX: Vroom
!!! page 10-11
Soldier: Augh--


FX: Slice

Soldier: Aauu

!!! page 12
FX: Thud

FX: Whine whine

FX: Thud

Soldier: Death rattle

FX: Slicing

FX: Beep--

FX: Steam hissing

Parcel: Well done,


Champ: …

FX: Steam hissing

Champ: Enemies ahead front.

Parcel: Woah!

FX: Thud

FX: Sudden

FX: Whine

FX: Gunfire
!!! page 13
Parcel: …Newcomers?
That way's no good!

FX: Slam

Parcel: This way!

FX: Pounding footsteps

FX: Gunshots

FX: Banging


Asuka: Nugh…



Asuka: …What?

FX: Rattling


Asuka; What is that sound?
!!! page 14
Asuka: …

FX: Rattling


Asuka: Gunshots?

Why gunshots?


FX: Sharp pain

Asuka: It hurts…

That hurts,
It really hurts.

FX: Throbbing pain

Asuka: What is this pain…?

FX: Emptiness

Asuka: …What?

This dark hole…?
!!! page 15
Asuka: There's nothing here in this void.

FX: Emptiness

Asuka: I can't see anything.


Asuka: Gasp


FX: Ragged gasps

Asuka: Who…?

FX: Gasp

Asuka: Why…

FX: Gasp
!!! page 16
FX: Emptiness thrumming

Asuka: Why do you have no face?

FX: Slowly

Askua: Panicky breath

FX: Pointing
!!! page 17
FX: Emptiness thrumming

Asuka: Ah--


!!! page 18
Asuka: Ah--




!!! page 19
FX: Slam

Asuka: …amn…

FX: Surprise

Asuka: Surp…


Asuka: My…leg…

FX: Throbbing pain

Asuka: Won't mov…

Asuka: …Huh?
!!! page 20
Asuka: Huh…

FX: Gunfire

Asuka: Where…?




Wasn't a dream……

Not a dream…

FX: Gunfire
!!! page 21
FX: Guns firing

FX: Bullets whining

FX: Whoosh


Soldier: He should be there.

Is he bulletproof!?

Perry: Get back, you lot!

FX: Gunfire

Perry: You're in the way!

FX: Whizzing flick

Perry: !
!!! page 22
Perry: That's not a knife

That he threw!

Perry: Stun grenade!

FX: Flash

Soldier: !

FX: Click

FX: Brightness

Soldier: Shi--

My eyes--
!!! page 23
Soldier: Shi--


Perry: Shit!
!!! page 24
FX: Slam

Perry: Your opponent is me, BK-201!
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