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!!! page 01
There are many mysterious things in this world,
And that shop is one of them.

That is a store that grants wishes, where the store-owner, who stopped his own time, inherited the secret of running it.

The store is certainly present, but it is not opened to every one.

Only when they have a connection can connected persons
And visit,
And have an audience with the secluded store owner.

The store will grant any wish.
If it's a wish that the store owner can grant,

If you can pay the price.

!!! page 02-03
The thread decays, becomes a bond,

Time turns, the seasons change,

A new story begins.

!!! page 04
FX: Running footsteps

M&M: Watanuki!
!!! page 05
M&M: A guest--♥

M&M: A guest!

A guest!

Watanuki: He's not a guest, is he.

FX: Bounce

Mokona: Doumeki has his own house, at least.
So he's a guest--

Watanuki: But he's coming in and sleeping here,
In this shop.
!!! page 06
Watanuki: Did you go shopping?

Doumeki: Yeah.
You said just Chinese cabbage was fine, but there was none.

FX: Bags rustling

Watanuki: Is it impossible in June?
What about spinach?

Well, spinach is delicious in winter too,
But there's nothing to be done.

Maru, Moro--
I'll make dinner, so help me--

M&M: Riight!

Maru: Maru will carry it!

FX: Kya kya kya

Moro: Moro will carry it!
!!! page 07
Doumeki: …How was it?

Mokona: Watanuki was the same as ever.

Doumeki: When I wasn't here, did a guest--

Mokona: …Came.

Doumeki: …I see.
!!! page 08
Doumeki: Thanks for the meal.

FX: Bowing

Watanuki: Thank you for eating it.

Mokona: Oh--! You've prepared liquor and side dishes for after dinner!
Just like a good wife!

FX: Springing up

Watanuki: I'm not a wife!

Mokona: What's today's Japanese liquor-- Pure rice-- Choice draft--
Or maybe--

FX: Springing!

FX: Turning head

Watanuki: Before that, clear this tray with Maru and Moro.

Moknoa: Huh--!?

What about Doumeki!?
!!! page 09
Watanuki: He bought the ingredients.

Mokona: Mokona helped too!

Watanuki: With what?

Mokona: I helped with eating!

Watanuki: I know I said it.
Maru--Moro--take it down.

M&M: Riight!

Mokona: No--! No--!

FX: Dancing footsteps

Watanuki: If you don't do it properly,
I won't let you drink, or eat.

Mokona: You've hit my greatest weakness!
That's cowardly!

Watanuki: In exchange,

If you do it properly, I'll open the reserved choice draft.

Mokona: With bells on!!

FX: Sudden

Maru FX: Surprised gasp
!!! page 10
Mokona: Now then!
Follow Mokona--!

FX: Landing--clattering

M: Wait--

M: Mokona's too strong--

FX: Augh, augh, augh

Doumeki: You've gotten good.

Watanuki: Well, they've been doing the same thing for ten years.

FX: Setting down

FX: Slowly

Watanuki: …Before you tell me
That you've passed ten years too, will you pour that out?

FX: Liquid pouring out

You going back to the university again today?

Doumeki: Yeah.
!!! page 11
Watanuki: Well, I couldn't imagine you as a salaryman, but
Staying at university as an assistant…

I thought once you finished graduate school you'd surely take up the temple.

Doumeki: I still wanted to continue.

Watanuki: With folklore studies.

Doumeki: That's right.

Watanuki: Not just you, but Kohane-chan too--she even did the same major at the same university.
Is it that interesting?

Doumeki: Yeah.

Watanuki: Is it just interesting?
!!! page 12
Doumeki: It's scholarship.

It's not that it's just interesting stuff.

Watanuki: …Stubborn.
You, too.

Doumeki: About what?

Watanuki: Who knows.

FX: Slowly

FX: Rattling
!!! page 13
Doumeki: So a guest came.

Watanuki: Yes.

Doumeki: What sort of client were they?

Watanuki: They're here.

Doumeki: ?

Watanuki: Right in front

Of your eyes.
!!! page 14
Doumeki: Where?

Watanuki: I said, in front of your eyes.

Doumeki: Connect my right eye.

Watanuki: It's not necessary for you to see.

Doumeki: …I don't even feel anything.

Watanuki: Yeah,
That's pointless

In the case of this little one.
!!! page 15
Doumeki: A child?

Watanuki: …Yeah.
Thanks to it I can't inhale on the pipe.

Doumeki: What was the request?

Watanuki: To wait.

Doumeki: For what?

Watanuki: To be summoned.
!!! page 16
Mokona: How are this year's umeboshi coming along? [TN: Pickled plums.]

Watanuki: If I had help, they'd be better, wouldn't they?

Mokona: Shall I call Maru and Moro?

Watanuki: Maru and Moro are cleaning the rooms.

FX: Rising slowly

Watanuki: And--

Mokona FX: Rolling

Mokona: Woah!

Watanuki: Sorry.
!!! page 17
!!! page 18
Kohane: Hello.

FX: Footstep

Watanuki: Hi, Kohane-chan.

Mokona: Hey!

Kohane: Since you said you'd divide the umeboshi,
Obaa-chan told me to go get them. [TN: See note 1 below]
!!! page 19
Watanuki: Yeah,
She emailed me yesterday.
Thanks for coming out of your way.

Kohane: This is plum wine that Obaa-chan brewed.

Since you divided up the ofuku before. [TN: Dumplings made of pounded rice. Yum.]

Watanuki: You really know the words, if you know about sharing the ofuku.
Did you ask Obaa-chan?

Mokona: Plum wine ♥ [TN: Sing it, Mokona!]

Kohane: No,
From Shizuka-kun.

Watanuki: You call him Doumeki-san at school, huh.

Kohane: Since I'm a student,
I learn a lot of things.

Watanuki: From this guy, huh.
!!! page 20
Watanuki: Since today's Sunday,
If you don't have anything to do, how about dinner with us?

Kohane: Thanks,
I will.

Watanuki: Then, don't hesitate:
Preseve these until the plums come back. [TN: See note 2 below.]

Mokona: Let's drink Obaa-chan's plum wine already!

Watanuki: After dinner.

Mokona: What--!?

FX: Shock

Watanuki: Follow me.
!!! page 21
Doumeki: …Could you see it?

Kohane: I couldn't.

FX: Sitting down

FX: Shaking head

Kohane: But I felt
Like something was there.

It's really indistinct, and hard to know, though.
!!! page 22
Doumeki: You can't see even though you're a Tsuyuri? [TN: This is Kohane's family name; I'd forgotten.]

Kohane: I think Kimihiro-kun
Is doing something so I can't see.

These days Kimihiro-kun
Is far, far stronger than I am.

FX: Patting
!!! page 23
Kohane: I think if there was something he wanted me to do,
Kimihiro-kun would say so.

I think he finally understands
That if he's sad, or having difficulty,

Things are just as sad or tough for me.

!!! page 24
Doumeki: …Yeah.

FX: Grip

Mokona: This fried rice is delicious!

Watanuki: Really?

Mokona: Especially the spinach flavor!

Watanuki's homemade chile oil is the best!

Doumeki: Yeah.

Mokona: You totally need delicious sake with delicious rice!
Bring the plum wine out already…!!!

FX: Brandishing spotless!

Watanuki: …No.
!!! page 25
Mokona: I knew you were a demon bride!!

Kohane: This spinach soup is
Delicious too.

Watanuki: I'm glad.

Kohane: May I learn how to make it?

FX: Pouring out

Mokona: A little more, a little more--

Watanuki: Of course.

Kohane: It might be difficult.

Watanuki: It's easy.

And you're good at cooking, Kohane-chan.

Kohane: Thank you.

I want to become able to make it too.
!!! page 26
Kohane: I think I might teach it to Mother, too.

FX: Snapping
!!! page 27
Watanuki: Is your mother
Doing well?

FX: Slow
!!! page 28
Kohane: …

Watanuki FX: Nod

Kohane: …Yes.
She's getting remarried, and moving.

There's not many grocery stores or places to shop nearby,
But she'll be getting her driver's license soon, so she said she should be all right.

FX: Snapping

Watanuki: Are you and your mother happy now,

!!! page 29
Kohane: Yes…

Very happy.

Watanuki: Well,
That's good.

!!! page 30
Kohane: Thank you.

Watanuki: I'm sorry
To make you carry bottles home.

FX: Shaking head

Kohane: No, Obaa-chan enjoys your strawberry wine, Kimihiro-kun.

Watanuki: I know she's still a heavyweight,
But tell her not to drink too much, okay?

Mokona: Tell her the plum wine was delicious!

Kohane: Right.

Mokona: If Doumeki comes next time,
Tell her to bring about five sho bottles! [TN: One sho = 1.8L)

FX: Sudden!
!!! page 31
Watanuki: You don't have to tell her that.

FX: Gripping

Doumeki: You okay alone?

Kohane: Yes.
It's still early, so I'll be fine.

Well, see you later.

Mokona-kun, Shizuka-kun, Kimihiro-kun.

!!! page 32
Kohane: Is it okay if I say "see you later"?

Watanuki: Yeah.

If you can, it'd be nice

…If you came by again soon.

Kohane: Then,
I won't say "see you later" but "thank you."

Since I had the feeling earlier that you were worried about me.
!!! page 33
FX: Billowing

Kohane: Was it pleased?

Watanuki: It's the first time this little one has ever been thanked.
!!! page 34
Doumeki: So,

What do you want to make me do?

Watanuki: Why do you think that?

Doumeki: You sent Tsuyuri home alone, and I'm the only one left.
Besides that, the liquor.

You're the guy who declared that you "won't open it, barring extraordinary circumstances."

Watanuki: You and Mokona really do remember things
About liquor well.
!!! page 35
Watanuki: Do you have the thimble?

Doumeki: Yeah.

Watanuki: Please purify the thing that comes to the shop for this little one.

Doumeki: Weren't you waiting for a summons?
!!! page 36
Watanuki: There are more things coming than what I'm waiting for.

These little ones

Are easy to steal.
!!! page 37
Watanuki: Even more so

On a day like today.

FX: Plip plop

FX: Sound of the rain

Doumeki: It's easy for the devil to get in on a cloudy day with rain,
!!! page 38
Watanuki: What will you do?

FX: Rain falling

Doumeki: I got it.

Watanuki: That's a ready answer.

FX: Rumbling

Doumeki: What are you doing tomorrow?

Watanuki: It should be over by the time you go to the college tomorrow.

Doumeki: Is it okay if I just shoot?

Watanuki: I think that it's quite a pain,
But I can't use anything but a barrier while this little one's by my side.
!! page 39
Doumeki: Why?

Watanuki: I don't want to expose it to the feeling of offensive techniques.

Do you want to come in?

FX: Slowly

FX: Billowing

Watanuki: No?

But the barrier is much stronger
Inside the store than outside.

No matter what,

I'm glad that you like this garden.

!!! page 40
Watanuki: I don't want you to be taken

Out of the places you want to be at people's convenience anymore.
!!! page 41
Doumeki: It's impossible if it's not on the premises?

Watanuki: No,
But it's difficult.

And afterward you'll be associated with it too.

Doumeki: I don't care.

FX: Slowly

Watanuki: It's in the rain.

Doumeki: No problem.

Is that okay?

FX: Billowing

Watanuki: …It said
It's glad.
!!! page 42
FX: Menacing atmosphere
!!! page 43
FX: Increasing menace
!!! page 44-45
!!! page 46
FX: Bam

FX: Ripping

Watanuki: Did you tear the barrier?
You really do want this little one.

FX: Sharply
!!! page 47

Creature: Shriiiiiieeeekkk…
!!! page 48
FX: Baam

Creature: Shriek


FX: Baam

Doumeki: How long do I have to shoot this?

Creature: Shriek

FX: Baam

Watanuki: Until the summons comes.

I don't know when it will come,

It will come.

FX: Baam

Doumeki: Got it.
!!! page 49
Creature: Shriek


!!! page 50
Watanuki: He keeps using that purification tool, and he's growing able to do this sort of trick.

FX: Baam

FX: Snap

TN 1: I'm just going to start calling the fortune-teller 'Obaa-chan' now, since trying to find English locutions that read well is just not worth the effort involved. This is an affectionate referent for an old lady who may or may not be related to one; it literally means "grandmother."

TN 2: When unripe plums are in season a lot of people in Japan make their own pickled plums and plum wine; I would have done it myself if I'd stayed longer than a year, since grocery stores everywhere sell the necessary supplies. Once you put the plums in the vinegar or put the sugar and plums in the liquor, all you need to do is keep the sealed jar in a cool dark place for a year. And hope you got the recipe proportions right. Yum.

Oh, Watanuki and Doumeki and Kohane. Doomed OT3 of doom, Y/Y?

Also, is it me or have the intervening years turned Mokona into a total lush?
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