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# I remembered what I forgot in my last personal post: on June 5 I ran an 8K for the first time, in 58:32. Given that it was 81º F when I got in my car at 07:50 to drive to the town where the race was, I am quite happy with my performance. Luckily there was a surfeit of water stations; by the end I was just dumping the water on my head, which was a good decision. Loved it, though (really pretty course through a nice town I know well); would run again!

# I have a line on a possible housing situation in California that sounds like it's just about perfect. I am having a phone interview/chat with the house's point person tomorrow evening and am already slightly nervous. I have lived on my own before, but all my housing-hunting experience took place on another continent in a different language. Relatedly, I really want my senior year roommate to tell me whether I can put her down as a reference/recommender or not. (Voice of reason says: She's probably just busy; she has a significant other and a job and a life after all. Nervousness says: Augh!)

# Two months until I move to California. The list of things I have to do before then is…quite long.

# Nearly finished my Holmes big bang story, yay! Just in time, coincidentally, for major racist fail in another fandom's big bang (link goes to [personal profile] torachan's roundup). This sort of thing inspires in me personally anything but complacency. That is not what I want to do or the person I want to be in my writing and in the world, but I don't ever want to think that I don't have to think carefully about the stories I choose to tell, and how. Blech.
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