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Thanks to [ profile] shinigami_lady for the scans.

!!! page 01
Fujimoto: ?!

Kobato: I'm sorry,
!!! page 02
Ioryogi: What's this all of a sudden?

Kobato: Even though I have to search for and heal people who've been hurt…

Ioryogi: …Right now you want to meet him, huh?
That deb-collector.

For Fujimoto's sake.
!!! page 03
Kobato: …Yes.
!!! page 04
Angel: This person will die like this.

Since it's I, who bears the same soul,
I should be able to stop time and put her into this world.

Iorogi: You intend to exchange yourself for the soul of that girl!?
!!! page 05
Angel: Yes.

Iorogi: Even if you are the holder of the same soul,
You won't be able to endure

Being in someone else's body for long!

If you do this, if that girl dies, you'll die too!

Angel: Pray to God about that.

Pray that he'll take all my life remaining in exchange to save that person.

Iorogi: !!
!!! page 06
FX: Light…

Angel: Since I'm still an inexperienced angel,
I should still have the will of Heaven.

Even if it's no good, even if my rebirth doesn't come true, I do not care.

FX: Light

Iorogi: Stop!!
!!! page 07
Angel: This person has no relation to these matters.

If this person disappears, there are surely people who would be saddened.
People who care for this person.

Iorogi: In that case I'm the one who must bear the blame!


Iorogi: You're not related ei…!!
!!! page 08
Angel: I'm sorry for calling you selfish,

I was finally able to say it properly.

I always called you Ioryogi-san.
I couldn't say it well.
!!! page 09
Angel: Thank you very much
For being able

To love me.

FX: Liiiight

Angel: And I

You as well.
!!! page 10-11
Angel: I love
!!! page 12
Ioryogi:…Though I taught you properly at the beginning,
You still can't say it either, Kobato.

My name.

Kobato: ioryogi-san?

Ioryogi: God already knew her wish.

That's why when I bent my knew I asked God for something different than she had.

!!! page 13
Ioryogi: That he tell me a way that she and Kobato would both not disappear.

And so now we're here.

That was my wish,
And Kobato has her own wish too.

Even if that has changed from the beginning…

!!! page 14
Kobato: Is something wrong?

Ioryogi: …It's fine if you do just what you think.

Kobato: …Ioryogi-san.
!!! page 15
Ioryogi: No matter what happens, I'll be at your side.

Kobato: …Right.
!!! page 16
FX: Twitch

Ioryogi: …He's here.

FX: Ominous

Okiura: Hello,
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