starlady: "Where's your sister?" "She's on Jupiter, Mom." (sister's on jupiter)
[personal profile] starlady
[community profile] animanga_news is an awesome newsletter on DW that attempts to bring together all the animanga-related posts on the site. The coverage is pretty thorough; it's a great comm. *applause for the maintainer*

[syndicated profile] cupcake_muffin_feed is my housemate. She is a really good cook and baker, and this is her food blog.

[syndicated profile] fanhackers_feed is the blog of Transformative Works and Cultures, the peer-reviewed online-only academic journal affiliated with the OTW. If you are interested in fandom as a phenomenon, you should read this blog.

[personal profile] jonquil and [personal profile] cofax7 are the two California linkspammers, fic-writers, and generally conscientious posters I read.

And I can't forget [personal profile] rachelmanija for hilarious, telling-it-like-it-is book reviews.

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