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Aug. 25th, 2010 16:04
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I have an offer for translation services going on [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan--bidding currently stands at $35. [personal profile] torachan is also making two similar offers: one for translation services (bid currently at $30) and one for scanlation services (bid currently at $40).

!!! page 01
Where will these feelings turn?

Chapter 23: Their Meeting
!!! page 02-03
FX: Bang

Barry: !

FX: Wham
!!! page 04
Barry: Lanselnopt radiation

A fierce concentration.

He still had that kind of power remaining?

But it's pointless.
That attack won't reach me for 3 seconds.

I know that.

!!! page 05
FX: Flare

FX: Screeching

FX: Thrust

FX: Ka-chink
!!! page 06-07
Barry: !!?

The bullet
isn't firing.

FX: Droop

Barry: A misfire!?

FX: Clutch
!!! page 08
Hei: It's over.

FX: Flare

FX: Crackling

Barry: Nurg…

FX: Jerking

Barry: …Wha…

On earth…

Did you…

FX: Collapse
!!! page 09
Hei: I resolved the gunpowder into stable components.
That's the first time I've done that…

FX: Ragged breaths

Hei: I had no proof that I could…

Barry: ……

How did he…

FX: Thud

FX: Beeping

Headphones: William Barry, signal lost!

Unknown whether he's alive or dead!

Nishijima: What did you say?

He was done in in that situation!?
What about BK-201?

Headphones: That's…The signals from the sensors on the other dead soldiers that we were using were just lost too.

His location is unknown.

Nishijima: Bastard…

FX: Glaring
!!! page 10
FX: Stumble

FX: Clutch

Hei: ……

FX: Running

Hei: I'm on my way.
!!! page 11
Headset: Above you! There's something in the ducts!!

Cain: What?

Champ: ……

Object protection program: highest priority.

Protect BK-201's…doll……

Parcel: They found me.

Soldiers: Fire!

FX: Bullets pinging

FX: Machine gunfire

FX: Fire!
!!! page 12
Parcel: Augh!

FX: Bullets pinging

Parcel: Augh!



Champ: Object

FX: Rattling

Champ: Protection.

Soldiers: It's moving.

FX: Gunfire

Soldier: Behind you.

Champ: Block.

FX: Harsh breath

Champ: Ram……

FX: Harsh breath.

Yin: I'm fine.

Follow your heart.
!!! page 13
Champ: …Strengthened armor…release…

FX: Air outrushing

FX: Unsealing

FX: Gasping

FX: Air outrushing

Champ: Nr


FX: Servomotors whirring

Champ: Aah!
!!! page 14-15
Cain: Huh!?

FX: Slam

Soldier: Augh!

Cain: !!?

FX: Thud

FX: Slam

FX: Stretching neck

Soldier: Sub-commander Cain!!

FX: Boom


FX: Servomotors whirring

Champ: Aaah!
!!! page 16
FX: Ka-chink


Champ: Run.

FX: Chainsaw whirring

Champ: Parcel.

Soldier: What the hell is this guy?

Headest: Sound of chainsaws
Sound of screaming

Nishijima: Why can he move?
He should be very close to exceeding his limit.

Headset: Rumbling

Nishijima: What's his body temperature?

Headset person: His average surface body temperature is…93º C!

Champ: Run.
!!! page 17
FX: Whirring

FX: Thumping

Parcel: Champ…

How long has it been…

……Since I met you?

FX: Door opening

Professor: Hey, Bill.

Bill: Hey, professor.
!!! page 18
Professor: Did that kid try to run away again?

Bill: Yup. Geez.

His powers are a pain.

Parcel: ……

Bill: He always manages to get his hands on ears somehow…

Parcel: I left home at age five.

Since I was a contractor, my parents treated me like an unneeded child, and I didn't have any friends either.

It wasn't really sad or regrettable.

FX: Creaking

Parcel: Since they thought of me as unneeded, staying there wasn't logical.
So I took my life in my own hands and flew the coop.

Pandora probably caught me because I stole money from a bank.

!!! page 19
Parcel: Food wasn't a problem, and the beds were soft.


This is a little bit of a cramped space.

FX: Camera whirring

Parcel: I'm going to the bathroom.

Computer: Approved.

FX: Beep

FX: Door opening

Man: Today was the seventh time
That kid's tried to escape here.

Woman: Wow.

Parcel: …

Man: Though he's always brought back, he does it a lot anyway. Ha ha ha!
!!! page 20
Parcel: Every day they repeated the experiments on creating contractors and dolls.

I wondered whether I was preferable because I wasn't created like that.

Black hair: Did you hear?

Taller: Yeah.

They've decided to freeze this doll's project.

It was always pointless. Since the development on A didn't proceed, they tried to make a doll.
And I've heard that they still haven't solved the problem of heat radiation at times of large power output.

Primarily, if the doll base dies, then it's just a piece of junk.
!!! page 21
Man: And since you can't change the engine like a car…
It'd be nice to find a doll with that sort of body type somehow, huh?

In other words, that guy was unneeded from the start.

Taller: What'll happen to it after this?

Black hair: Well, once we take enough data, we'll probably trash it.

I feel a little bad about that, but…

…Well, that can't be helped.

Parcel: An unneeded guy…

Since he's unneeded, they'll throw him away.

It's a matter of course.

It's nothing special.

!!! page 22
FX: Thrum

FX: Void opening

Parcel: Done.

FX: Footstep

Parcel: Yo.

I'm Parcel.

That's what they call me here…
Does your eyes being open mean that you're awake?

Champ: ……

Parcel: Well, whatever.

Parcel: If you fold a pillow case and wear it, it becomes ears……

They don't know that.
So you have to keep it a secret.
!!! page 23
Parcel: …What's your name?

…Even if you're listening, since you don't have a program, you can't answer…'Cause you're a doll.


Then I'll give you a name.

You're big, and you look strong……

You're Champ.

Nice to meet you.

!!! page 24
Nina: Did something happen, Prof. Sergei?

Sergei: …Hm?


Nina: Huh? That child…

Sergei: Let's go, Nina-kun.

Parcel: I don't know why I thought that.

Together with this guy, whose fate had been to be discarded someday,

I could change this insufficient world a little.

That's how I felt.
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