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!!! page 01
The place that calms the heart--

Wanting to go back to that sort of place somewhere,
It became a wonderful season.

!!! page 02
FX: Ting

FX: Looking around

FX: Rustling

M&M: Mokona detection!

FX: Snap

!!! page 03
FX: Bouncing off

Mokona: That's a decoy!

FX: Whirling

M&M: Kyaa! ♥

FX: Splash splash

Mokona: Ah ha ha!
It's solid metal!
You're a hundred years too early to win against Mokona!
!!! page 04
Watanuki: You're too loud.

FX: Shot!

M&M: It hasn't been a hundred years, but Mokona's defeated!

FX: Kya! Kya!

FX: Bubbling with rage

Mokona: From behind is cowardly!

Watanuki: You shot from behind too, didn't you?

Besides, while it's hot, that alone often can make a noise.
!!! page 05
Mokona: You're still hot like that?
You're weak, huh.

FX: Bounce

FX: Ting

Watanuki: I'm being told this by someone who's basically naked?

If a shower came,
That'd still be preferable, but…

M&M: What is it?
!!! page 06-07
Watanuki: …The rain won't come,

But a customer came.

Watanuki: I apologize for the wait.

Woman: Not at all.

!!! page 08
Woman: I was finally able to come

To the store that grants wishes.

You do grant wishes.

FX: Creak

Watanuki: If it's something I can grant,
And if you can pay the price.
!!! page 09
Woman: I'll pay.
That's why I wish.

Watanuki: First,
Will you tell me your wish?

Woman: I want to date that person.

Watanuki: Huh?
!!! page 10
Woman: I want to be his girlfriend.

Watanuki: Wouldn't it
Be better to tell that to the person directly, rather than come to this shop?

Woman:I said it.

But he wouldn't do it.

But I want to be that person's girlfriend.

Watanuki: Well…
!!! page 11
Woman: There's a rumor that there's someone he's dating,
But I won't be bested.

I absolutely think that I should be dating that person.

Watanuki: ……

Woman: Oh, right.
The name.

FX: Gently

Woman: And you need the birthday, too.

Watanuki: Since this isn't divination, that's…

Woman: Can you do divination, too?

Watanuki: Well, I can,

!!! page 12
Woman: Then please do that too. I'm sure our compatibility should be good.

Watanuki: No,

Woman: It's best if you know the time, too,
But of course without talking--

Of course I know my own time and everything,
So I'll write the place I was born too.

FX: Unfolding
!!! page 13
Watanuki: Huh…

Paper: Doumeki Shizuka
March 3, [TN: year hidden]
!!! page 14
FX: Ting

Watanuki: Now then.

FX: Rustle

What should I do with this?

Didn't I say

To come in through the front door?
How many times do I have to say it?

Doumeki: This is a delivery.

Watanuki: I didn't ask for it.
!!! page 15
FX: Rustle

Watanuki: …Mokona?

Doumeki: The email was from your cell phone.

I'm sure it wanted to try these new ones.
It saw them on the TV.

Watanuki: Maru--
Bring a wineglass!

M&M: Right!

FX: Running feet

Maru: Oh!

Moro: Oh!
!!! page 16
M&M: Welcome home!!

Doumeki: Yeah,
I'm home.

Watanuki: Put these in the refrigerator to cool.

M&M: Right!

Watanuki: Where's Mokona?

Maru: Reading manga a little while ago.

Moro: Playing a game now.

Watanuki: Tell it to clean the bathtub immediately,
As price for that sake.

M&M: Right!

FX: Running feet
!!! page 17
M&M: We'll pull out Game-sama's consent!

FX: Kya! Kya!

Doumeki: What?

Watanuki: You've always been arrogant and a general of gluttons,
And you don't listen to what people say,
Even though I heard it from Himawari-chan, I didn't understand it at all.

How someone like you could be popular.

Doumeki: So what?
!!! page 18
Watanuki: Lately I hear it from Kohane-chan,
And I don't get it.

Where this is good.

Doumeki: Your habit of talking loudly to yourself hasn't changed either.

Watanuki: I'm saying this to make you hear it.

…For the time being, don't come to the shop.
!!! page 19
Doumeki: Is that a request?

Watanuki: Yeah.
This time it's not a favor.

I'll let Kohane-chan know by email after this.

Doumeki: …All right.
!!! page 20
Doumeki: But today's fine?

Watanuki: Yeah.

Doumeki: In that case,

Food and liquor.
Then a bath.
And liquor again after that.

FX: Staring

Watanuki: What emperor are you an advisor to, you jerk?

I'm not bringing out the sake at dinner.
!!! page 21
Watanuki: Yeah,
I really don't know what's good about him.

FX: Rustle

Watanuki: But

Seriously, what do I do with this?
!!! page 22
Woman: How was it?
Was our compatibility good?

Watanuki: I didn't do

Any divination.

Woman: Why not?

I said I would pay the cost…

Watanuki: If
The result were bad, what would you do?
!!! page 23
Watanuki: If your compatibility with the person written on the paper was bad,
What would you do?

Woman: There are other methods, aren't there?

Watanuki: If those were bad too,
What would you do?
!!! page 24
Woman: In that case,
I'd have you tell me a way that would be good.

Watanuki: And if you tried those, and he didn't choose you?

Woman: Isn't

This the sort of shop where something can be done!?

Watanuki: Yes.
If it's a wish that can be granted.

Woman: Fine then!!

Watanuki: That's just why I'm asking you.
!!! page 25
Watanuki: When it can't be granted, what will you do?

Woman: Huh?

Watanuki: If you repeat the divination until you're satisfied with the results,
And you try spells praying that he'll look back at you,

And if even so he doesn't choose you,
What will you do?
!!! page 26
Woman: Then

I'll try a method I haven't tried yet.

Until I can date Doumeki-san.
!!! page 27
Watanuki: …Even if that's something that hurts the people around him,
You'll do that?
!!! page 28
Woman: I will.

Watanuki: ……

Woman: Even if I say dating, it's not like it's an engagement.
It'd be fine to break up.

I'm just the right age and height for Doumeki-san.
Our place of work is the same, and it's said I'm the best at our office in the college.
!!! page 29
FX: Hissing

Woman: Doumeki-san's house is a huge temple.
But that's fine.

FX; Hiss

Handling people is my strong suit.
I wonder if we could date if I said I was a parishioner.

And keeping up the garden, too.
Isn't it difficult for Doumeki-san to do alone?

Today is Sunday, so he'll be home.
Oh, but since it's our day off, wouldn't it be rumored that we're dating?

Then I have to hurry all the more.
!!! page 30
Woman: So
Please, quickly,

Tell me
A way.
!!! page 31
Watanuki: I think you had better stop.

Woman: Are you saying you can't?

Watanuki: No, I can.

Woman: Then--!!

FX: Billowing forcefully

Watanuki: But
You cannot pay the price.
!!! page 32
Woman: I'll pay

Watanuki: …There's a word, "yearning."

Woman: What?
Watanuki: …There's a word, "yearning." [TN: 'akogare']

Woman: What?

Watanuki: It seems "yearning" was coined in the Heian period.
!!! page 33
Watanuki: It seems that originally "the soul disappearing" was called "akugare."
That meant the situation in which the soul went somewhere, and one lost oneself.

Woman: What does this have to do with my wish?

Watanuki: I think that's your situation now.
!!! page 34
Woman: Do you want me to say I'm just yearning for Doumeki-san?
You're wrong. I'm perfectly…

Watanuki: No.
You're now on the verge of losing your soul.

Woman: Huh…?

Watanuki: Where are you right now?

Woman: Huh?

Aren't I right before your eyes?
!!! page 35
Watanuki: And your body?

Woman: Hey, what are you…

Watanuki: Only your soul's disappeared…
Where is the real you?

Woman: What…
!!! page 36
Watanuki: Earlier,
You said that he was working in the garden.
That it was difficult to do alone,
And that he was in his house even though it's Sunday.

Almost like you were watching from nearby.

Woman: I…

Watanuki: Your body is not in this shop.

What sat there more than twice is just your soul.
!!! page 37
Woman: What, that's…

Almost like a living ghost…

Watanuki: That's it exactly.
!!! page 38
Woman: Wha…

Watanuki: Liking someone is a good thing.
And so is doing your best to be liked in return.

But, if you don't care what you do or who you hurt for that purpose,
That can't be called "liking" anymore. It might be becoming a thing.

Woman: I…
!!! page 39
Watanuki: Your body and soul are presently starting to separate completely.

If you're touched by the atmosphere of divination or of spells like this, you won't be able to return.

…I told you that that you couldn't pay the price.

If you want a person's heart, the price is equal.

If it's not the heart of the person who wants, then it's not balanced.
!!! page 40
Watanuki: A soul without a body accompanying it doesn't have a heart either.


An existence that is just a soul can no longer be called a person.

In other words, you who have no heart

Cannot pay the price.

Woman: …I…
!!! page 41
Watanuki: Changing people's hearts is truly a difficult thing.
It's easier still to change your own heart.

If I'm in time, changing your heart would be…
!!! page 42
Watanuki: Doumeki?
You're in the garden now, right?

Go to the entrance, there should be an unconscious woman.

She's there?
Right, call an ambulance.
But don't ride with her--ask someone nearby.

You got it?
Don't ride with her.
!!! page 43
Watanuki: And come to the store today.

Bring some excellent sake,
And that fukusa you received recently.

FX: Slowly

Watanuki: Huh? It's the price.
For the ward I'm going to write for you later.

I'll tell you the details when you come.
!!! page 44
Watanuki: The rest

Depends on that person,

I gradually was able to grant a wish that couldn't be counted.

But the most distressing thing
Is people's desire.

And is it the same for me…too?

Yeah, he is dating someone, as if the "Welcome home"/"I'm home" exchange didn't make Doumeki's thoughts on the situation painfully obvious.

I will say this, though it's mostly a rhetorical question: why are the human customers always women?

And finally, Mokona is my hero.
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