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One year ago the Archive of Our Own entered open beta, where it remains, in revision 3304. When we entered open beta, we were on--iirc--revision 1300 something (1398?). It was pretty exhilarating watching the number of users rise by the minute that day; I'm still exhilarated by the AO3, honestly.

The AO3 is still in open beta; it still has a lot of performance issues--we are two years ahead of our initial usage estimates, which means we will be buying new servers next year, hooray! which would not be possible without the support of our donors, i.e. our fellow fans. The AO3 is for fans, and by fans, and we want it to reflect what fans around the world want to see in their omnifandom archive. So if you have thoughts about the looks, features, styles, performance or whatever about the AO3, tell us! All feedback is read by real live human beings, and hearing from users what users want makes a huge difference for coders writing features and people conceptualizing features. There's a lot more to come in the next year! 
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