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At long last. Simple Scans is also looking for donations to cover scanlation costs.

!!! page 01
A fight, with women's pride

Chapter 26: Determination
!!! page 02
Police Headquarters, primary interim building

FX: Clack clack [loading shells]

FX: Ca-clack [chambering shells]

FX: Fastening
!!! page 03
FX: Quick

FX: Grip

Misaki: ……

Schroeder: ……

Misaki: Professor Schroeder…what's this?

Schroeder: A "contact-type anti-Gate particle irradiation device, for use against contractors."

Though it's still in the trial phase.

Misaki: …An anti-Gate particle irradiation device…
!!! page 04
Schroeder: If you use it, you can destroy what makes contractors contractors.
Though its use is one-time only.

If we can make the output just a bit bigger, we should be able to make contractors extinct, but…
……Well, it's best to think of it as a tiny Saturn Ring.

Misaki: Really…

…So why are you giving it to me, Professor?

Did you bring me into Pandora to show it to me?

Schroeder: Things made should certainly be used.

Though to tell the truth, Sergei-kun was the one who started to make this.

I completed it at his request.

Misaki: !

Professor Sergei?

FX: Laughing

Schroeder: Thanks to him, I came up with a lot of new ideas.
Next time I'll try to make my own original too.
!!! page 05
Schroeder: Something easy to use, with more power.
More like the ultimate laser gun…

Misaki: Do you know where Professor Sergei is?

FX: Chair scraping

Schroeder: Huh?

I don't know.

The last time I saw him was when you came to Pandora and crossed paths with him.

Misaki: …I see……

Schroeder: Huh?
Didn't he say that he planned to cooperate with you too?

Misaki: Yes…

That's true, but…

Schroeder: He asked me to bring this to you.
…Though word from him has become scant.

Misaki: ……Why did Professor Sergei give this to me…

……Is it to defeat Harvest?

Schroeder: No, that's not it.

Since this requires direct contact at zero distance, you'd be touched by him and turned into powder instantaneously.
!!! page 06
Schroeder: It may be a cure for the black dandelion.

To remove the contractor detritus from the body.

Misaki: !

……The contractor detritus?

Schroeder: Didn't you hear it from Mina-kun?
That the black dandelion was actually the result of becoming a contractor?

It was her interpretation that the situation was such that it only left a contractor's ability, but I disagree.

For the contractor to disappear and only the ability to be left behind is absolutely impossible.

Perhaps the black dandelion is a contractor's true form.

Since they paid some sort of price,
It's appropriate to think that they turned into that form.
!!! page 07
Schroeder: Though we didn't find it, the inside of the gate will become true as well…
Well, however, why that happens is something we still don't understand.

Misaki: ……

FX: Chair sliding

Schroeder: …Well, I'm going home.

It's a good time, since the police'll be making a ruckus soon.

Misaki: Professor Schroeder.

Schroeder: Kirihara-kun.

I've never once thought that my own way of living is mistaken.

The face you're making now, like you've given up on something--
That's completely unlike you.

When you came to visit Pandora, you were more beautiful, and brighter.

If you can, I'd like you not to lose that beauty.

Misaki: ……
!!! page 08
Schroeder: Look into the Nishijima group.

FX: Step, step

Schroeder: The only place that has labs that can compare to Pandora's in relation to this incident is there.
You might learn something.

FX: Door sliding

FX: Sharp look

Misaki: ……


Waitress: Thank you very much!

FX: Bowing

Misaki: Thank you very much.

FX: Staring

Misaki: ……
!!! page 09
Misaki: There's still something that I can do!

FX: Opening the door

Officer: You've worked very hard, Acting Section Chief Yanagi.

Yanagi: Hmm.

Officer: It's unusual for you to be here this late.

Yanagi: Well, somewhat.

FX: Door knob turning

FX: Door closing

FX: Footsteps

Yanagi: ;……

Envelope: Resignation
!!! page 10
Yanagi: …So you're going,


Sign: Tokyo Police Hospital

FX: Door opening

FX: Sitting up

Matsumoto: !



FX: Door opening

Matsumoto: Please wait, Chief!
!!! page 11
Misaki: ……Matsumoto-san.

Matsumoto: ……

Why are you trying to go silently?

Misaki: ……

Matsumoto: Chief, you didn't…

You can't, Chief!
Not alone…

FX: Beating noise

Matsumoto: !?

…A helicopter?
At this hour…

FX: Beating

Misaki: An emergency?


FX: Beating noise
!!! page 12
FX: Blades whipping

Nurse: Who are all of you?

Doctor: We weren't contacted!

Hei: He was shot.

Take care of him.

Doctor: ……!

Get a stretcher!

Nurse: Right!

Parcel: BK-201……

Hei: It's all right, Parcel.
They'll keep you safe here for now.

Parcel: That's…fine……

!!! page 13
Parcel: You won't lose…


It's hard…

Though it's hard, tears won't come…

Hei: ……

Don't talk anymore.

Nurse: Here's the stretcher.
Transfer him quickly.

FX: Rattling

Parcel: Absolutely.

FX: Oxygen

Parcel: Absolutely…

Hei: Azusa.

FX: Quick

Hei: You're getting off here too.
!!! page 14
Azusa: ……


Hei: ?
Your legs still won't move satisfactorily, will they?

Come on, you're getting off.

Azusa: N…no!

I don't want to get off!

Hei: Don't be selfish.

FX: Tears falling

Azusa: Augh…

…You're going to where that person is, right? So please take me with you too!

Hei: I can't.

Azusa: Please.
No matter what…no matter what, I have to get it back……

Hei: Get what back?

Your friend who died when you met him won't come back.

Azusa: That's not it.
!!! page 15
Azusa: I…I remember everything.

Even killing Coach…
I might remember why I did that, too.

But no matter what……
There's something I can't remember no matter what.

My friend who died because of me,
Her name,
And her face--

And what kind of person she was, I can't remember at all!

It's like holes have opened up in my mind…!

Hei: ……

Azusa: So that's why I have to take it back…!
!!! page 16
Hei: ……There are things it's better to forget.

Azusa: No!

I did terrible things,

FX: Grabbing

Azusa: And I want to apologize, but I can't even remember her face!

FX: Sling

Azusa: Augh--

Hei: I told you before, didn't I? When you came to yourself, that the flower would kill you.

I don't know whether you're alive now because the flower was weeded or because you don't have those memories.

Even if you regain your memories, you might still die.

Azusa: …!!

……But even so--

No matter how hard it is……That all of a person I cared about doesn't exist within me is too cruel.

That person is pitiful.

And for me that's awful……
!!! page 17
Azusa: If I'm a burden, then you can just ignore me there…so please!

Please take me too!

I don't want to get off here and lose the memories of the person I cared about!

Hei: ……

FX: Stretcher wheels rattling

Doctor: Hurry!

Misaki: Parcel-kun!

Matsumoto: Do you know that kid, Chief?


FX: Surging forward

FX: Slam

FX: Air whipping
!!! page 18-19
FX: Helicopter blades thrumming

Misaki: Li-kun…
!!! page 20
FX: Helicopter blades thrumming

Misaki: *cough*

FX: Air whipping

Misaki: ……

FX: Helicopter blades thrumming

FX: Surging forward

Matsumoto: Chief!

Misaki: Matsumoto-san.

What about that kid?

Matsumoto: His life's not in danger……

Misaki: Contact Saitou and Kouno, to protect him.
!!! page 21
FX: Surging forward

Matsumoto: Chief, you…

Misaki: I……

Am going!

FX: Blades thrumming

FX: Thrum

Hei: ……It's too late, even for regrets.

Azusa: Right.
!!! page 22
FX: Blades thrumming

FX: Blades thrumming

Nishijima: …Bastard…
You sold BK-201 and Harvest far too short…

FX: Footsteps

FX: Teeth grinding

Nishijima: And that your squad, General, was done for too……

Flunkie: Commander Nishijima.

FX: Footsteps

Nishijima: Split the building security into 3 groups.

Abigail, you come with me.

Abigail: What are you planning?
!!! page 23
Nishijima: We'll move the black dandelion.

The only location without it is here.

Abigail: ……

FX: Beep! Beep!

Abigail: ?

Nishijima: !?

FX: Beep! Beep!

Nishijima: The alarm!?

What's happened?

Flunkie: It's serious, Commander Nishijima!

Communication was interrupted--the Harvest punishment squad was…
!!! page 24
FX: Beep!

FX: Rumbling

Soldiers: Augh…

FX: Swaying

Soldiers: This building is under attack!!

FX: Beep

FX: Thudding

Soldiers: Wa…

FX: Menacing

FX: Beep!

Harvest: Now, then…

Poor Hei. I just bet he's thinking, How did I wind up having to deal with teenagers again?

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