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[personal profile] skud has another post on the ebooks discussion, this time having removed some of the tangential discussants and also having added Wordles depicting the content of each of the three major discussion 'nodes' she identifies--about the only word each node has in common is 'books,' which says something right there.

We already knew that the tech blogs were having their own discussion unconnected to the LJ/DW discussion, but now we can see that the authors/publishers were, for the most part, having a conversation disconnected from the fans. The crossover between the author and fan conversations mostly happened via Karen Healey, a young author whose first YA novel was published last year, and who moves in both circles.

It's interesting how little crossover there was between these spheres in this case, for all that LJ/DW does make it so easy for authors and fans to connect--and for all that we've seen that authors and fans are quite capable of having a connected discussion on LJ/DW.
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