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I owe many people thanks relating to this manga: [ profile] ladydarkmoon and [ profile] ashura_sama for scans and translations, which I read when I was first getting into the manga (back when I was just starting to learn Japanese!); [ profile] chibiyuuto for encouragement and unflagging CLAMP enthusiasm; [ profile] nokiirat for help scanning and for being a champion mod; and [ profile] scottishrefugee, for scanning the pages I sent from Japan every week. Thanks as well to everyone who's commented on these translations; your support has meant a lot. Without further ado…

ETA: The raws are missing pages 26 and 27; I'll update the translation when they become available. Missing pages added, with thanks to anonymous!

!!! page 01
Watanuki: Yu…
!!! page 02
So it was


Watanuki: I awoke right after that.

Doumeki: Has Yuuko-san ever appeared in your dreams before now?

Watanuki: …No.

Doumeki: Do you know who made you have the dream?

Watanuki: No,

That was impossible too.
!!! page 03
Watanuki: But,
Even if it's an allegorical dream of Yuuko-san's form,

It requires so much power to make that appear,
It's impossible.

Doumeki: Which means…

Watanuki: Next,
I have to strain all my techniques,

So that I can see the rest of that dream.
!!! page 04
FX: SLowly
!!! page 05
FX: Gently

FX: Light
!!! page 06
Watanuki: This time I don't think you'll be able to get away that easily.

Or am I wrong?

If you weren't trying to flee--
!!! page 07
Watanuki: In that case, won't you tell me?

Whose dream this is,
And for what purpose they're showing it to me?


That retreating figure…

!!! page 08
Watanuki: That it can break my spells in a dream in which my powers are at their strongest means

That this is is the dream of a wizard who's stronger than me?

It can't be--
!!! page 09
!!! page 10
Watanuki: …Yuuko
!!! page 11
Watanuki: Yuuko-san.

FX: Footstep

Watanuki: …I can't move.
!!! page 12
Watanuki: Is this
Your dream, Yuuko-san?

If so,

Why am I stuck like this?

This dream…
!!! page 13
Watanuki: Is coming apart…

Is this a dream

That you had in the distant past, Yuuko-san?
!!! page 14
FX: Slowly
!!! page 15
Watanuki: A bird…?

FX: Opening
!!! page 16
!!! page 17
Watanuki: I see.
!!! page 18-19
Watauki: Already
That much time has passed

Since I inherited this store.
!!! page 20
!!! page 21
Watanuki: But even so…
!!! page 22
Doumeki: It was Yuuko-san's

Watanuki: …Yeah.

Seems it was a dream Yuuko-san had, long ago.

She left it behind to teach me something, I think.

My power has already become strong enough;

There's no more need for me to confine myself to this shop.
!!! page 23
Watanuki: At some point in this interval enough time passed for that.

Speaking of which,
It was there, wasn't it? This story.
The dream even has a title.

Doumeki: Yume juuya?

Watanuki: Yes,
That's it.

They waited a hundred years in that one, right?
!!! page 24
Watanuki: It's longer than that since I inherited the store, though.

You really do look just like him.

Your great-grandfather.
!!! page 25
Not!Doumeki: I resemble him that much?

Watanuki: It'll be difficult to discover the ways in which you're not like him.

He looked just like his grandfather himself.
It might be that kind of lineage.

Not!Doumeki: Are you glad you could see her?
Even in a dream?

Watanuki: …Yes.
!!! page 26
Watanuki: Even though the dream which that person left behind waited long enough to come apart,
I won't be able to see her again.

Not the real Yuuko-san.
!!! page 27
Not!Doumeki: You haven't come to want to forget?

About Yuuko-san.

Watanuki: …No.

Even if I become able to leave this store,

I'll continue the store,
!!! page 28
Watanuki: For the purpose of waiting for Yuuko-san.

Not!Doumeki: …I see.

Watanuki: Now then, shall we drink?

FX: Slowly

Not!Doumeki: Yeah.

Watanuki: Whiskey,
On the rocks.

Not!Doumeki: Got it.
!!! page 29
Not!Doumeki: It seems

That it's not the time to use this yet. [TN: 'Time' written 'moment.']
!!! page 30
Not!Doumeki: Since it seems
It'd be painful for him to forget Yuuko-san,

Even now.
!!! page 31
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