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Andromeda Stories vols. 2 & 3. New York: Vertical Press, 2007.

I was right; I do like To Terra… better (though I'm not sure which manga is bleaker). Probably because I have an easier time dealing with the mother complex when a) the mother in question is a computer (no, I mean that literally) and b) it doesn't cross the line into actual incest. There was a lot of incest in this manga, actually, which is sort of amazing given how few characters actually get screen time. For the record, the robots and the cyborg were my collective favorite, probably because they make the most sense of anyone. Yeah. Also, I found the ending of Terra e… more comprehensible.

Apropos of [personal profile] snarp's comments on To Terra…, I'd have to say that the manga are similar in that all the agency is in the hands of men, with the already noted exception of Il, who is still my favorite character. Where the manga falls down in particular, compared with Terra e…, is how little character development it features, so that I had a hard time sympathizing with anyone. Also, the whole thing with Affle, WTH. Her (possibly delusional, in the manga's view?) prostitute foster mother made her live as a boy so that she could grow up to be a prince? What? Well, she does grow up to be a prince, but…yeah, I don't know, there's a level at which it all feels rather arbitrary.

I do really think that this had a strong influence on R.G. Veda, at least in terms of costuming.
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