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My apologies for the delays on this one; I've been glued to the NHK coverage of the ongoing disasters in Japan. You can click my 'japan' tag for some information on the situation and how to help.

I have an offer for translation services--up to 40 pages of manga-equivalent, any fandom or pairing--up at [community profile] help_japan. Starting bid is $15 USD; the auctions end 31 March at 06:00 GMT. There's a lot of things on offer, please bid and/or signal-boost if you can!

[community profile] help_japan is also live at Dreamwidth; bids there close at 12:00 GMT on 20 March. Many offers there have no bids! Please check them out if you can.

!!! page 01
FX: Footsteps

Chi: I'm going out, Mama.

Chitose: Take care,
Chise, Chiho.

Chiho: What's wrong?

Chise: Are you worried about something?

Chitose: Kobato-san…
!!! page 02
Chitose: Said, "Thank you
very much"…

[TN: Kobato said this in the past tense, which is only used when the thing/situation for which one is expressing thanks has concluded.]

Chise: Why
"Very much"?

Chiho: Is Kobato-san going away?

FX: Gasp

Chitose: Kobato-san…!
!!! page 03
Kobato: In the end,

I didn't collect them at all--

Wounded hearts.
!!! page 04
Ioryogi: …Yeah.

There's still time remaining to collect them.

This is fine.

Kobato: Right.

I want to do what I can.
!!! page 05
Kobato: I

Love Sayaka-sensei.

Ioryogi: I see.

Kobato: That's why
I want Sayaka-sensei to smile.

Ioryogi: Yeah, that's right.
!!! page 06
FX: Beaming

Sayaka: Kobato-chan!

FX: Sliding open the door

Kobato: Good morning,

Sayaka: I'm glad…
I heard from Fujimoto-san that you were okay, but…

Kobato: Yes,

I'm fine.

Sayaka: I'm sorry.

I got you involved in my situation.
!!! page 07
Kobato: Not at all.

Sayaka-sensei, you're always
Thinking about other people.


Please do as you feel, Sayaka-sensei.
!!! page 08
Sayaka: …Thank you.

FX: Sudden
!!! page 09
FX: Squeezing

Sayaka: It's fine.

Let's go.

FX: Scuffing
!!! page 10
Okiura: …It's been a while.

Sayaka: …That's right.
!!! page 11
Okiura: Is it okay to stand and smoke here?

I've heard rumors that some sketchy guys are coming.

Sayaka: That might be true.

It's fine.

Okiura: What is?
!!! page 12
Sayaka: I will close down

Yomogi Kindergarten.
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