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For this week, at least.

Fushimi Inari: 233m (K: "I didn't realize we were going to be climbing a mountain today!" Me: "You should always expect to randomly climb a mountain with me in Japan!")
Konpira-san: 538m to the inner shrine

I should mention that both of these climbs took place in 33ºC+ heat.

Sanuki udon is delicious. No one is surprised. The ride over the Seto Ôhashi on JR is also gorgeous (but not for the agoraphobic).

Kobe always reminds me of Gondor:

Kobe! Kobe, between the mountains and the sea!
Salt breeze blew there; the aroma from the bakeries
Filled Sannomiya like incense in the days of old.
O wedding halls! Harbor tower! O Mt. Rokko and the cable car!
O Kobe, Kobe! Shall I there eat delicious bread,
Or salt breeze blow again between the mountains and the sea?

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