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Dept. of Oh Snap
New Delicious has killed old Delicious.
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[personal profile] epershand, Pinboard elving exchange brainstorm post (soon to be a reality)
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[personal profile] unjapanologist, fannish bookmarking service = want, also, Diigo censors bookmarks
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Other people have had a lot of good things to say about this; I've been very happy with Pinboard since I joined six months ago (I'm starlady on Pinboard; also, I highly recommend adding the Pinboard buttons to your browser bar), and the owner [ profile] pinboard has been nothing but welcoming and responsive to fannish users. Yes, it costs money, and I know it is therefore beyond the reach of some people, which I find incredibly frustrating and obviously makes it not the best long-term solution as things stand. But I'm by no means wild about Diigo's silent censorship, TOS, deciding its users are spammers, and account deletion. I don't think AO3 bookmarks will ever be a replacement for Delicious, either, but I'm not averse to seeing them gain more functionality.

[personal profile] anatsuno has a link to a public Google document listing requested Pinboard features
and via [personal profile] copracat, the Great Delicious Migration spreadsheet

Dept. of Transformative Works
Speaking of the OTW, the Board Election chats have been scheduled.

Dept. of Miscellany
Alex Ross is just a fantastic writer in general.

I'm going to Minneapolis tomorrow and am basically completely unprepared. I'll see you when I see you.
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