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I honestly don't really care about LiveJournal's latest outrages anymore, because my emotional home has long since become Dreamwidth. That said, I know some people still care about LiveJournal, and I'm happy to keep crossposting my content for them. But I can't even leave a comment on the new version of LiveJournal while running my primary browser (Firefox, latest), and my comment volume has dropped to almost nil anyway, so I'm going to be disabling comments on the LJ crossposts of my journal entries, effective immediately as soon as I find the box to ticky.

Anyone who likes will be able to leave comments on the DW entries using OpenID; I also invite you to consider creating a Dreamwidth account--you don't need a code to do so until the end of 2011 (two whole days, I know). after which you'll need an invite code, which are easily had via [site community profile] dw_codesharing's codes available tag.

[personal profile] rydra_wong has a great post on transitioning from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth.

In the meantime, since some people may be transitioning form LJ to some other platform entirely, here's where I can be found on the internet:

[personal profile] starlady
[ profile] starlady38
[ profile] starlady

I also have a locked Twitter account under my legal name; if I've granted you access, PM me and I'll be happy to give you the info.

See you around the galaxy. ♥
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