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I can't say it any better than[personal profile] oliviacirce:
"This is preaching to the choir, I know, but I think I might feel a little better if I say it, so here is my angry speech about voting:

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, and you have the option and opportunity to vote in this election, please vote. That "please" is only really there for politeness, because I'm a Midwesterner; but actually: FUCKING VOTE. That's in the imperative."
You should read the entire post.

If you can (and I mean that in every sense), go vote tomorrow, or today, or if you've already voted, thank you. If you can vote and don't, I don't want to hear you complaining for the next four years. Voting is our civic duty--people have died for the right to vote--in this country women were tortured by the government for daring to want the right to vote--Jim Crow was created specifically to deny black people their right to vote--and apathy never brought change. If voting weren't important, why are the forces arrayed against equality so eager to prevent you from doing it?

If you're interested in my thoughts on California ballot propositions, here's some of them:

- Yes on 30
- No on 32
- Yes on 34
- No on 35

I'm happy to go on about why I've decided to vote these propositions in comments. 

Four more years. Forward. Obama for America. The real one, the better one, the one that may never come to be but that we must always strive for, the more perfect union. 
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