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It was my birthday yesterday. I dragged my dad and sister to Tria Cafe in Philly on Monday night, and then my sister and I had Capogiro, and then we went home and had the Earl Grey cake she and I made on Sunday, with Swiss meringue buttercream frosting. I like regular buttercream better.

Yesterday my sister and I drove down to Cape May because my sister wanted rainbow popcorn and there's no better way to celebrate a birthday in our family than with a quest. When we got to Cape May we had lunch at the Heritage Tea Room on the Emlen Physick Estate (yes, that seriously was his real name) because of their special for Cape May Restaurant Week. As a tea room it was mediocre but it didn't matter because they were staging a reenacted temperance debate and it was HILARIOUS. When we sat down we were handed a temperance picket ("Every Drunkard Was Once A One-Drink Man") and at the end we signed the non-temperance petition. It was remarkable how the sexist political discourse and corrupt electioneering were essentially unchanged from 1904. Or not. Then when we got to the popcorn shop the stoners working there were enthralled by my sister's bright pink hair ("How often do you dye it?") and Rainbow Dash sunglasses ("Fist bump! I'm a brony!" "I could not afford enough drugs to make that show interesting!"). We died. And then we rented a pedal surrey (yes, with a fringe on top; no, we didn't sing the song because we couldn't breathe between laughing and pedaling) and tried to go down the road to the lighthouse. In the best Woolfian fashion we did not actually get there, but we saw it from the bird reserve and valiantly ignored the people in cars calling us crazy. The surreys in Ocean City are vastly superior because they let you go on the boardwalk and have more tension on the chain (it was a fixy) so you can pedal faster, also better benches. It was, all in all, a hilarious trip, not least because at this point we have an inexhaustible storehouse of bizarre stories to trot out at virtually every other mile marker on the road.

Relatedly, our brain twins/shared associations mind meld is reaching new levels. Eventually we'll be the only people who understand each other and we'll speak entirely in shorthand. Example: tonight she RT'd me a picture of a swan with cygnets on its back, no explanatory text. My reply: "ERIK." We knew what we were talking about.
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