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It totally snowed last week, the icon is valid.

In a fortuitous whatever, I came down with a cold the day after Festivids went live and so spent all afternoon yesterday watching more of them. Here are some additional recs without commentary because I am le tired.

Black Swan, The Monster
Black Swan, Everything In Its Right Place
Curse of the Golden Flower, Hue
Maleficent, Augustine
Maleficent, The Hardest of Hearts
Ratatouille, The Walker
Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirrors
Snow White and the Huntsman, A Hazy Shade of Winter
Spy Game, Resolution Road
Transistor, Yellow Flicker Beat
The Triplets of Belleville, Au Port
Van Helsing, Tuning Out

And again, you should all go watch my gift vid, Shake It Off, because it is AWESOME and delightful. "Shake It Off" is clearly the Festivids anthem this year, but in an utterly objective and wholly unbiased decision, I think my gift squeaks in with the best use of the song. (Or does it? Watch all the other Shake It Off vids and decide!)
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