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source: Star Trek (2009)
audio: Glee cast, "Don't Stop Believing"
length: 2:41
stream: on Vimeo
download: 205 MB on Dropbox
summary: A Blu-Ray remaster of [ profile] arefadedaway's awesome vid, which is no longer available online.

tumblr postAO3 page

password: trek

I had a long story about this vid and my decision to remaster it, but it's tantamount to self-indulgence now. Suffice it to say that I finished this remaster several months ago, and had hoped to hear back from arefadedaway before I posted it, but I haven't. Inasmuch as we need art as much as ever, and the message of the song and of Star Trek is still true, here it is.

Some technical notes: I had originally planned to crop and color-grade the vid to match the original camrip, but as I went through with the process of matching clips I came to think of the remaster as a way to make arefadedaway's editing choices more easily visible. There are a few clips in here where not cropping meant that I had to choose slightly different frames to avoid visual distractions. There is actually one clip where I did crop it at the source to focus on a character's face, and I'm quite proud of the way I managed the triple fade on Spock's face at 1:07. Getting the flare on the nebula at the end was by far the hardest technical challenge in here, but replicating some of the other shots was harder than I thought it would be. LLAP.
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