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Date: 2016-12-11 07:37 (UTC)
zeborah: TV with a zebra body surround, displaying two zebras (tv)
From: [personal profile] zeborah
I've been working my way through all the post-TOS series. (Rewatches for TNG through several seasons of Voyager; watching the last couple of seasons and Enterprise for the first time.) And I'm only a half dozen episodes into Enterprise, but so far I'm enjoying it more than Voyager.

The problem with Voyager from my perspective as viewer was it was all potential and no execution. Both on the macro scale (of the Starfleet vs Maquis conflict) and on the per-episode scale: they'd set up this scenario full of potential for drama, and then they'd reach the climax and... throw handwavium at it and cue credits.

And the ultimate cause of this, as described in an interview with one of the writers, was that no-one on the show cared about it in the slightest. This writer had come from DS9 where people were passionate about it, to a place where he'd say "So in episode 3 you say X but in episode 8 you say Y, what's actually going on?" and he'd be told "Who cares, just make something up." I don't think the era it was told in makes much difference - but if it had been written/acted by people who cared it could have been awesome.
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