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Dear Festividder

Dear Festividder,

First off, thank you for making me a vid! I love vids, and quite honestly I would be happy to see a vid in any of these fandoms. I have suggested music for some pf them, but please don't feel bound by what I've suggested, and I have no qualms about oft-vidded songs, either.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
I watched the later seasons of this show this year after Bourdain's suicide and I found myself really unexpectedly moved--both by Bourdain's love of food and his ability to connect with people, but also by the glimpses of darkness that peek through time to time and which, rightly or wrongly, seem to foreshadow the end. It's a show about food and that aspect is great, but the food is the vehicle for the real meat of the story, the human connection. Anything for this would be really great.

Porco Rosso
"Better a pig than a fascist." This is one of my favorite Ghibli movies, and I've been thinking about it a lot lately for obvious reasons. 

Hocus Pocus (1993)
One of my favorite Halloween movies. Asking for a Halloween vid for a winter solstice vid exchange seems odd, but I embrace the spirit of combining both holidays as demonstrated by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Anything would be great.

Miss Sherlock
I love (almost) all forms of Sherlock Holmes; you can look at my Sherlock Holmes tag. Anything for this would be great.

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
This one is the real reach. If you have the source, I will love anything you make for it, just as I loved the show.

Dirty Computer
I love Janelle Monáe, and anything for this will be great.