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Wow, I totally forgot it was Thursday there for a while.

You know, there's no way I'm going to accomplish this anywhere but a proper desk. *gets up and moves*

Let this be our little secret )
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So my friend Sandy, aka [info]merin_chan, is doing her doctoral research on transnational animation fans and fandom, and she has a link to her survey about the same up here at her LiveJournal. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel weird saying, "Oo! Survey!" so soon after SurveyFail, but unlike Drs. Ogi and Sai, Sandy isn't a creeper, is a fan, and is a pretty cool person. And unlike their survey, her survey is a) completely anonymous; b) has been approved by an accredited IRB; and c) isn't full of skeevy questions (I took it myself; it only took about 20 minutes). I know there are quite a few international readers of this journal, and I know she's looking for as much non-USA, non-North America participation as possible, so if you feel like checking it out, please do!
I saw the world flashing all around your face )
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Damn the dream-font. Son of a bitch, I lost my copy of volume 1 in customs.

Moving forward, using all my breath... )
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Man, it feels like forever.

Also, if anyone wants a Dreamwidth invite code, leave a comment here or message me--I have five.

I will still hope there are better days to come. )
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Announcement: I will be attending Otakon 2009 in Baltimore this July! Anyone else? What parts of the con do you like best besides the dealers' room? It's been four years since I attended, and I'm looking to get a deeper/more rounded appreciation of the con as a con. This will be the first time I attend for longer than a day, too. Does anyone know any good restaurants that aren't in the Inner Harbor/are close to the hotel?

I could sleep forever these days/'cause in my dreams I see you again )

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From the "Insanely Early Scans" Department...

ETA: Now with the two pages I forgot the first time around, with thanks to Narcolico.

Message to ground control: I'm happy, hope you're happy too )
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If these scans come out any earlier, we'll be translating chapters out of order.

I found grace: it was all I found )

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So this makes the sixth chapter of volume 15, by my count, and I'm starting to wonder whether this is the penultimate, rather than the ultimate, volume. Thoughts? HOLiC volumes normally have about 11 or 12 chapters, if I recall correctly.

every day I have to find the courage to walk out into the street )


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