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With thanks to [ profile] ladydarkmoon as always, and to whoever provided the campic raws.

Beneath the noise, below the din, I hear your voice, it's whispering )
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I'm going to be going back over my old translations of Tsubasa and HOLiC and adding in the SFX over the next few weeks, so check back for that.

The love you've found must never stop )

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They say that Heaven is like TV )

This chapter brings volume 26 to an end, which means we have at most another two dozen or so chapters (i.e. two volumes' worth) left in the series. If I had to pick two characters who haven't showed up on the deluxe covers yet I'd go with Nadeshiko and FWR. So that's another three or four months at most. Yikes.

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I should so totally be packing to go to Williams tomorrow, or whatever town the college actually is in. Whatever.
Forward to time past )

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My sister was reading volume 21 in Japanese (which she can't read), and her reaction was, "This story sounds weird outside its context."


Maybe it's your violent past )

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The splash page is very Heian. Or perhaps I merely have double vision from reading Uncovering Heian Japan.

Keep the car running. )
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Yeah, somehow I missed this. I guess it was the weekend my relatives visited. Better late than never, right?

I carry a sword on a battlefield ) 
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 Furigana = faster, so here we go.

Chapitre 199 )
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Jet lag and fried hard drives = delay.

Chapitre 198 )
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Oh man, I'm supposed to be at the Manga Museum in less than nine hours. I need a time-turner.

Chapitre 197 )


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