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Having just sent in my graduate fellowship acceptance (and having just reactivated my FAFSA pin, joy), it seemed like a good time to post my accumulated wisdom on the graduate school application process. I know I would have appreciated someone laying this information out for me at this time last year; particularly at the beginning I felt rather isolated, especially compared with the fellowship application process I went through my senior year of college. I know some people who read this journal are thinking of graduate school in the near future, and I hope you find this helpful. ETA: I forgot to say, this applies to schools in the States only. /eta

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Friends, readers--

What have I been doing again? What haven't I been doing? I seriously have not been this busy, except for one notable week in June 2008, since I graduated from college. Before I forget, holiday card exchange post

# Getting my hair chopped! Yup, went to The Chop Shop in Philly last Wednesday and got it bobbed, since I realized a) that this was probably my last chance before Christmas and b) my first haircut since the middle of June. Which is too long. It was slightly too short immediately afterwards, but now is just perfect, and quite cute. And at $43 with tax and tip, it's the least I've paid for a haircut in at least eight years. Yes, I know.

# Applying to graduate school! I just turned in another app tonight, as well as finished up the last fiddly bits for one of last week's schools (again), and am probably going to do next Tuesday's this weekend, then finish up two of the final three after my credit card statement closes but before the actual deadline. Leaving only a certain Canadian university, of course.

# Christmas shopping! I am now essentially finished. And I only paid full price for two items! How did this happen, again? 

# Going to Minnesota! Yup, I cashed in some frequent flyer miles and had a weekend with friends for $5 roundtrip. Hah. Restaurant shout-outs for this trip are Zumbro in Linden Hills, and Blackbird in south Minneapolis. I really, really love Blackbird (I've been there before)--it's simple but not simplistic, and the food and atmosphere are equally perfect. I actually went for my alma mater's Christmas Fest, which as usual is an orgy of Christmas and top-notch musical performances, though I don't think this year's version was quite as awesome, program-wise, as some of the other four I've seen. But I did get to Goodbye Blue Monday, one of my favorite coffee shops, and get some of my favorite coffee. Yay. Going to Minneapolis always feels like a homecoming, probably because it is my home away from home.

# Watching the Twilight movie, against my will (forced by my friends, which shows that they really are friends). The only scene with any sexual tension is when Dr. Carlisle Cullen bites human!Edward on his pale white neck. Who says dying of influenza isn't sexy? 

# Writing! I finished a draft of my Yuletide story on the plane home last night. Now I just have to revise.

# Working! Started a different temp job today. I can wear jeans and it's full-time, so really, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

And now that I'm done those grad school apps, I can get back to my to-do list, at the top of which is translating DTB 12. Among other things. On that note...
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I just completely covered a legal pad with my to-do list, complete with dates, for December. I associate legal pads so strongly with my mother, I feel like it might be worthwhile to start using them for note-taking just for the comfort factor.

Holiday card post! Take a look if you're so inclined. ^_^

In other news, grad school applications: two down, six to go. Like most dreaded things, submitting the stuff was actually anti-climactic. Also, I was cursing the electronic applications at the beginning of the process, but at the beginning of the end of it I now realize that paper applications would probably have brought me to despair, and I would like to register my whole-hearted approval for the electronic versions.

Finally, it says something about the weight Princeton puts on GRE scores that there's not even a space on the application form to report them. I'm just saying.
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Another day after an election, another day to have VNV Nation's "Honour" on repeat (I have the album cut and the Juno Reactor remix. In 2004 I had the Juno Reactor remix on repeat for, I kid you not, a week straight). Gay marriage was crushed in Maine, which is just disgusting (who else thinks that James Madison would not approve of putting the rights of the minority up for the approval of the majority at the polls? Yeah, that's right). Just enough of my fellow New Jerseyans, and people in Virginia, made the stupid, easy choice and elected Republicans (nothing wrong with them per se, but our governor-elect has absolutely no real clue how to fix what's wrong with our state. I'm not qualified to speak about Virgina). My GRE math score dropped 70 points, putting me squarely in the 50th percentile. And I really suspect that the Phillies are going to lose the World Series to the Yankees tonight. Finally, lawyers for our government and others argued before the Supreme Court today that there is no constitutional right not to be framed. Land of the free...but only until your luck holds out.

Bright spots: A Democrat was elected in the New York 23rd for the first time since the 19th century and my verbal score stayed the same (roughly 98.5 percentile). And the anti-government protests in Iran seem to be undimmed. Still, overall, blech.
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Just got back from exercising my civic duty. It's a beautiful day for an election, way nicer than last year, when so much more was on the line and we had the feeling that we were on the right side of history, doing the right thing. That was a nice feeling. I do like voting, but that's partly because I like being in control.

GRE and a job interview (for holiday retail, but beggars, choosers, etc) tomorrow. I went running for the first time since I got that cold yesterday and was pleased with the results; we'll see if it holds up when I go again today. I honestly don't know if I'll be up for the 12K Sunday week, though, since I was sick for the weeks I should have been building from 4.5 to 5.5 miles per, and the race is 7.5. NaNoWriMo is coming along--haven't started in for today, but I have thought about where I'm going to go when I do crack open the word processor. Currently I'm at 6465, which puts me ahead of the curve, where I'm desperately hoping to stay. Seeing as I really should be writing my umpty-bajillion personal statements for grad school, we'll see how long that holds.

I read The Red Tree by Shaun Tan yesterday--it's a picture book, though the term seriously undersells the sheer giddy mastery of Tan's art, to say nothing of his storytelling--and I found it to be scarily applicable to my current situation. Tan just won a World Fantasy Award for Best Artist, and it was completely deserved. My copy of The Red Tree is a Canadian import by way of the divine Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis, but The Arrival and Tales from Outer Suburbia, which are even better, are widely available.
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From this postSadly, all the Marxists are in academia rather than broadcast sports. That's the problem with Marxists. They're everywhere you don't want them to be and nowhere you really need them.


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