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2019-02-24 09:16 pm

[vid] Information Travels Faster (Sherlock Holmes - Downey films)

source: Sherlock Holmes (Downey films)
audio: Death Cab for Cutie, "Information Travels Faster"
length: 4:08
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: watson
download: 308MB on Dropbox
summary: Holmes and Watson fight the future.

Premiered at Escapade 2019.

AO3 page | tumblr post


I have so many feelings about Sherlock Holmes. It was one of my first fandoms in many ways (I read the complete Holmes corpus when I was eight), and I still identify with Holmes almost painfully. When the first Downey & Law movie came out in 2009, it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life, and along with Star Trek it was my entry back into English-language fanworks online. I wrote a lot of fanfic for Holmes, and I started thinking about this vid idea at some point--certainly it's been on my vidding playlist since before the second movie came out in 2011. 

I always had the idea and the tagline, upcycled from The X-Files, about fighting the future; the second movie brings out that element even more clearly than the first one did, and in the first it was fairly overt. (The persistent slight anachronisms in fact start in the first movie too; they're also made clearer in the second movie.) But what rewatching the second movie brought home to me is how much the movies are presenting Holmes and Watson as a partnership: they are equals and complementary, and they're not very effective without each other. Like all great partnerships, it's founded on absolute trust, as well as their obvious love for one another. And as I went on making the vid I realized that that was the other half of the story about technology, and progress, and a war that cannot be prevented, only delayed. "So all life is a great chain, the nature of which is known whenever we are shown a single link of it."
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2019-02-02 10:54 pm
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[vid] Poor Sucker (The Manchurian Candidate)

source: The Manchurian Candidate (2004)
audio: Low, "Poor Sucker"
length: 3:33
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: festivids
download: 273MB on Dropbox
summary: There is a war going on for your mind.

AO3 page | tumblr post


I don't think I've seen this movie since I saw it in the theater in 2004, but watching it again brought it all back--the fear, the paranoia, the despair of watching most of the society around me fall into lockstep on a pointless war that would kill millions. Yet it's impossible to watch the movie now and not think that hey, it's not so bad, as the hostile interests only suborned the vice presidential candidate, and not the presidential candidate himself, and he didn't go willingly. I'm not sure how much of that made it into the vid, but it was on my mind through every second, partly because of the song choice. Double Negative is a stunning album, a cry of rage and despair over what has happened to the country since 2016, and this was the only song I ever considered for the vid. 

In terms of editing, I wanted the vid to echo the claustrophobic and wrong feeling of the movie's cinematography; especially in the first half, I tried not to care too much about the fine timing of certain clips, and I never did explain who exactly was surveilling Marco, or who conceals his role in the assassination at the end. It seems fitting, in an unfortunate way, that this vast story of corporate wrongdoing focuses in the end on a few key individuals. I'd bet that the executives in charge got off with a slap on the wrist.
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2018-11-11 03:04 pm
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Vid: Warrior (A Wrinkle in Time)

source: A Wrinkle in Time
audio: Kimbra feat. Mark Foster and A-Trak (edited)
length: 3:00
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: meg
download: 338MB on Dropbox
summary: I'll be your warrior, warrior

AO3 page | tumblr post

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2018-08-13 08:10 pm
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[vid] Hard Times (The Good Fight)

source: The Good Fight
audio: Paramore, 'Hard Times"
length: 3:01
stream TC: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: fight
download: 268MB on Dropbox
summary: Nevertheless, she persisted.

AO3 page | tumblr post

warnings: Contains references to and/or depictions of Trump, white supremacists, attempted suicide, racial microaggressions, accusations of child pornography, online harassment, revenge porn, and police violence.


Premiered at VividCon 2018.

Me: "I read a review saying this album is about depression, but I think it's actually about being a Hillary voter."
My brother: "Aren't they the same thing?"
I love The Good Fight. I loved The Good Wife too, but The Good Fight is even better: better characters, sharper politics, less nonsense with men, and much more suited to my mood in these times than The Good Wife, whose protagonist I didn't like very much by the end, unlike the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee. And when I first started listening to this album, I thought the song and the show would go well together.

A year later, I'm pleased with this vid, despite the very many content warnings I had to put on it. It's kind of funny (and I don't mean funny ha ha) that I didn't really realize how many of them there were until I sat down to list them out. It's all just the way we live now in 2018. I will say, as much as I like the vid and what it does, a show about lawyers does not necessarily make for the most dynamic clips from which to choose. I hadn't originally intended to include the second season (I had originally intended to finish the vid while the second season was still airing), but it became necessary when I realized that I had already used just about all the suitable scenes in the first season. I like the vid as it is now, long courtroom drama bridge and all, but there was a lot of switching things around to make it more dynamic. The technical aspect also presented some difficulties; you'll notice that not all the clips are the same size. But it's mostly not too noticeable, though I do hope to go back and make a remastered version without logos once the show comes out on Blu-Ray.

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2018-08-12 06:01 pm
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Vid: The Greatest (Star Wars Rebels)

source: Star Wars Rebels
audio: Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar, "The Greatest"
length: 3:24
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: rebels
download: 250MB on Dropbox
summary: I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive. Or, Hera, Sabine, and Ahsoka survive the Rebellion.

AO3 page | tumblr post


I love Star Wars Rebels, and though the strength of my feelings about Kanan and Ezra surprised me, I knew that I loved the show's female characters from the beginning. Hera, Sabine, and Ahsoka are all the heroes of their own stories, and they're all different women who do very different things for the Rebellion--and they all live to see the fall of the Empire. Ahsoka gets the Kendrick verse because, as a former Jedi Knight (as the Bendu calls her in an unfilmed scene), she walks a different path than the other members of the space family.

This vid premiered at Club Vivid 2018, the last one ever, and it got a great reaction in the room--I was really happy that people liked it and that I got to see and share that reaction for myself. Thank you, VividCon, and may the Force be with you.

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2018-07-29 12:23 am
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[vid] Congratulations (Star Wars)

source: Star Wars movies
audio: Dessa, "Congratulations"
length: 2:01
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: Anakin
download: 185MB on Dropbox
summary: Congratulations, you have invented a new kind of stupid.

Premiered at [community profile] con_txt 2018.

AO3 post | tumblr post

Hello, my name is Electra, and I like Star Wars. A lot.


You will note that one of the tags on my reblog of the above gifset is "it works on multiple levels omfg," which…is what this vid does. I ship the prequel OT3, and in a weird way this is probably as close as I will ever get to trying to make a prequel OT3 vid. (It already contains about 80% of the shots in the entire three movies in which all three of the main characters are in the same frame.) I love them, and this vid is about the end of everything. Sixty years later in-universe and people are still fighting the war that resulted because these three people couldn't get it together.

As you can probably tell from this vid, I have a weird Hamilton ship too; let's just say that if I were to rewrite it in space, it would include Alexander/Angelica as well as the more popular Hamilton ships. So it wasn't a difficult choice to make Obi-Wan the Angelica/POV character here, just like it wasn't a difficult choice to cut the last verse about Eliza's future, which…doesn't exist for Padmé. (The greatest injustice and worst canonical fate for any character in the saga, and those are the facts.)

Technically, I think they need to do a new 4K scan of the original ROTS film print, because there are parts where the current Blu-Ray doesn't look so good, particularly in comparison to Rogue One (bonus points for spotting the one shot from that movie in this vid). It would be nice if they could also re-release the original DVD deleted scenes when they do that, because working with those clips in this vid was not thrilling. I enhanced them as much as I dared before they got too grainy, which was not a lot, and you can totally tell. ANH, by contrast, looks pretty great on Blu-ray, and Alec Guinness' performance is amazing.

May the Force be with you. And for the sake of the galaxy, tell people you love them before you amputate their limbs and leave them to burn to death on a hellfire planet.

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2018-04-15 08:06 pm
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Vid: The Last of the Real Ones (Star Wars Rebels)

source: Star Wars Rebels
audio: Fall Out Boy, "The Last of the Real Ones"
length: 3:56
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: rebels
download: 303MB on Dropbox
summary: You're just the last of the real ones. Or, Kanan & Ezra find in each other what they need.

AO3 post | tumblr post

Premiered at Bitchin' Party 2018.

I watched all of Star Wars Rebels over the last year or so. I started out not caring about Ezra Bridger. Before the final episodes aired, I would have told you that I still didn't really like him. It wasn't until I started sobbing halfway through the last episode and didn't stop until well after it ended that I considered that I might actually feel differently. I love them all so much, including Kanan and Ezra, and this vid is about them be(com)ing Jedi together.

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2018-02-26 10:42 am
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Vid: Missionary Woman (X-Men)

source: X-Men (alternate timeline movies)
audio: Eurythmics, "Missionary Man"
length: 03:47
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: mystique
download: 257MB on Dropbox
summary: You can fool with your brother, but don't mess with a missionary man. Or, Raven is the leader the X-Men need.

Premiered at Escapade 2018.

tumblr | AO3


I find it kind of on-brand that I spent a solid four years in X-Men fandom as a devoted Cherik shipper, and the first vid I produce is about Raven. But once I saw XMA there was really no question that I needed something 80s for her, and I am pleased with how this vid turned out. The Eurythmics were my favorite band until I was about 12, and they're still one of my favorites.

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2017-10-05 02:13 pm
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Vid: Get Behind Me, Hogfather! (Hogfather)

source: Hogfather
audio: Sufjan Stevens, "Get Behind Me, Santa!"
length: 2:48
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: hogswatch
download: 64MB on Dropbox
summary: It's just another solar festival. Or is it?

AO3 | tumblr

I've had this idea in mind for at least five years. When I saw [personal profile] mithborien's request, I knew I had to seize the opportunity. I am an unabashed fan of Christmas, and I wanted to make a vid that got at that aspect of the movie. Also, Susan is the best.

Clipping soon presented a series of challenges: my ancient avi files (!) had weird issues, and I discovered midway through that they were, collectively, missing about 45 minutes of the movie. A search for full-length rips of the movie eventually resulted in ripping them off YouTube, as my computer couldn't deal with the copy protection on the DVDs and the Blu-ray links I found were all dead. I had thought about remastering the vid so that all the clips were from the YT version of the file, but closer viewing showed not much difference between them. 

The other thing that clipping demonstrated was just how much of the movie is talking. I decided to trim the song down rather than try to fill the very long bridge with material that very probably would have gotten repetitive. It also became clear to me that I wasn't going to make the treat deadline with the full vid, so I uploaded a much shorter version for the deadline in order to give myself time to finish the full version, which is the one you see here. 

Happy Hogswatch to all, and to all, a good night.
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2017-10-04 01:58 pm
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Vid: Heartlines (The Chronicles of Narnia)

source: The Chronicles of Narnia movies
audio: Florence & the Machine, "Heartlines"
length: 5:01
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: aslan
download: 223MB on Dropbox
summary: Your heart is the only place that I call home,/I cannot be returned.

AO3 | tumblr

I've had the idea for this vid for a long time. I…thought [personal profile] silly_cleo might not like it? (I always think this.) She mentioned not liking the movies as adaptations, and I have to say that I love the movies as adaptations. The compromise I came up with was hewing fairly close to movie depictions of events in the books, which got complicated in terms of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in particular. 

A lot of people commented on the vid having Lucy as a kind of loose POV character, which…is another thing I did not anticipate. I did the intro section with Lucy dead last, so for me the vid was about stepping back to the origin of Narnia for the Pevensies, their lost Golden Age, and going backward and forward from there. 

Finally, you may have noticed that there is not a ton of Aslan in this vid. That is not an accident either; I am not really a huge fan of Aslan anymore. My favorite Narnia fic of all is [personal profile] bedlamsbard's Dust in the Air, which should tell those of you who've read it (and who know how it was supposed to end) something about my ideal vision of Narnia. 
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2017-08-06 11:40 pm
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Vid: Fall of the Jedi (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

source: The Clone Wars
audio: Daft Punk, "C.L.U. (Paul Oakenfold remix)"
length: 4:40
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany, password: theforce
download: 217MB on Dropbox
summary: Beware the dark side. 

My 2017 Club Vivid premiere! 

tumblr | AO3

I watched all of The Clone Wars over the course of the past eight months or so--the (re)watch was originally scheduled to coincide with the release of Rogue One, but then November happened. Somewhere around October, I realized that I wanted to make a vid about the show, and that I wanted to use this track. This is the easier vid to make from the show; its complex exploration of sentience, personhood, and free will playing out with the clones and the droids is more difficult. I also decided fairly early on that I wanted to make this vid by colors--the lightsabers go from blue to green to red by the end of the vid, just like the galaxy slides further into chaos and the fall of the Jedi and the Republic. The black darksaber, something of a wild card in the morality play of the lightsaber color codes, appears at the beginning, middle, and end. 

I'm really happy with how this vid turned out. It was a fairly easy vidding process, possibly because I was using an extensive spreadsheet and because the realities of who fought who meant that I was somewhat constrained in my clip choices at each point through the timeline, until I hit the wall of trying to find copies of episodes that weren't TV rips with logos and started tearing my hair out. Anyway. May the Force be with you.
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2017-07-18 03:30 pm
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YouTube channel, at long last

Years after everyone else, I have uploaded all of my vids to my YouTube channel. All of them, that is, except the remasters and the ones that have been copy-blocked globally. I will continue to do Vimeo under password uploads for all my vids so that people in Germany can watch them, and in case of further copyright jail shenanigans on future vids.

A number of people have asked me about this for the past few years, and with the way vidding is shifting, it seemed like the thing to do. To celebrate, I have embedded my most recent and most popular vids on this entry. 

It's mostly true that I make vids for myself, but I do enjoy other people enjoying them. Feel free to subscribe to the channel, and if you feel like watching or liking the vids on this new platform (or reblog on the old tumbleweed), that would not be unappreciated by me.

One final note: I will add YouTube links to the old vid posts as time and 2017 allow.
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2017-06-17 07:27 pm

Vid: Halfway Away (Yuri!!! on Ice)

source: Yuri!!! on Ice
audio: CHVRCHES, "Clearest Blue"
length: 3:54
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany, password: katsudon
download: 229MB on Dropbox
summary: "While you were being heterosexual, I studied the blades on ice." -- @viktorbottom

Premiered at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff 2017.


Vidding TV shows is so much work. I was cutting this one until about two hours before the deadline, exacerbated by the fact that the Blu-Ray of the last volume came out literally the day before the deadline. I initially used a low quality rip of the creditless ending and was resigned to a different version online than on the con DVD, but then due to some serendipitous technical difficulties, resolved at length by the very patient and excellent con staff, I actually was able to get a file with a high quality rip of the ending into the con--of course it came out less than 24 hours after said deadline. (If I ever get access to Blu-Ray rips, I may remaster it, just because they changed so much for the disc releases.)

As for the vid itself…I had this song in mind since about January. Yuuri and Victor love each other a lot, okay, and they meet each other in the middle, eventually, every time.

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2017-05-27 01:11 pm
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Vid: 1985 (Tomorrowland)

source: Tomorrowland
audio: Passion Pit, "Lifted Up (1985)"
length: 4:24
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany, password: tomorrow
download: 258MB on Dropbox
summary: I won't lie, I knew you'd belong here.

My [community profile] wiscon_vidparty premiere!

I don't watch movies on planes; I'm the creeper who eyeballs your movie while you're watching a movie on planes. I caught enough of this one in flight at one point, though, that I actually watched the rest of it when I couldn't sleep on another flight.
There's no point beating around the bush: Tomorrowland is a compelling movie with bad pacing and execrable politics, but it's also a movie where two girls save the world, one of whom is a robot. (George Clooney helps.) I wanted to make a vid about that part of the movie, less about Brad Bird's weird elitism and despair. The song choice seemed almost too obvious, but on the other hand, I like it.

Weirdly, this is the second vid I've made for Wiscon with a Disney connection, the first being Just a Dream Away. Making this vid also helped me to realize that the movie has already been influential at the level of visuals: Yorktown in Star Trek Beyond, last seen in my [community profile] equinox_exchange vid We Are Who We Are, is almost a carbon copy of the city in this movie, right down to some of the camera angles. I had originally hoped to make this as a Festivids treat, and then November happened. At least I can now go watch the Festivid that did get made for the movie.

One of the things I like about vidding is that it's changed the way I watch movies and it changes the way I think about the sources I vid. Towards the end of making this one I started thinking that they should have cast Casey as not white, which cemented my ambivalence about the entire film. (It wouldn't work, of course, because Brad Bird not so secretly fears the postmodern present, which is why his vision of Tomorrowland is anchored in the late 19thC and the high water mark of the modern, the 1964 World's Fair.) In conclusion, Star Trek does it better. Onward.
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2017-04-10 10:29 pm

Vid: We Are Who We Are

source: Star Trek Beyond
audio: Kesha, "We R Who We R"
length: 3:26
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany, password: equinox
download: 202MB on Dropbox
summary: We'll do what we always do, Jim.

My spring 2017 [community profile] equinox_exchange assignment, for [personal profile] usuallyhats.

AO3 page | tumblr

I love this dumb movie, and I had vague thoughts about how much it parallels the under-appreciated by wonderful Star Trek III. Those thoughts are not in this vid explicitly because making this vid took an unexpected amount of time, what with one thing and another, including politics. But they do underlie it (if you liked this movie, you should go rewatch Star Trek III, because there are a lot of parallels and also STIII is delightful) in various ways. 

Other than that, it does (I hope) what it says on the tin. The technical process was a bit nightmarish this time around, not helped by jetlag; I was about 1/3 of the way through clipping a 720p release when I freaked out about clip quality and decided I needed to use 1280. (Also, my video card is slowly dying.) I was about 80% of the way through reclipping before I realized that I could just use the existing clips and only redo whatever I wound up actually using in the vid. Then I wound up using quite a few bits from clips I hadn't redone because that section was the part where the Enterprise crashes on the planet. Whoops. My outlining process also failed me, because I hadn't written down my initial thoughts when I'd had them last summer, so I only had vague notions when I got to actually vidding, and I wound up obsessively recutting the first section before I found a rhythm I liked. The real breakthrough came when I did the stutter cuts on the first chorus. Thanks Kesha.
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2017-02-05 11:20 pm
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Vid: state of war (Haywire)

source: Haywire (2011)
audio: Grimes, Kill V. Maim
length: 4:07
stream: on Vimeo
download: 253MB on Dropbox
summary: You gave up being good when you declared a state of war

My Festivids 2016 assignment, for [personal profile] aurumcalendula.

Original Festivids post.

password: mobster

Tag yourself, I'm gender-based revenge fantasies.

I've been wanting to vid this song for a while, in fact since I first heard it riding the trains around Belgium in the dying days of 2015. I originally matched with aurumcalendula on a different fandom, but the idea fell into my lap when I was reading the letter, and since it seemed easier (and more in line with my mood in November 2016, I won't lie), I went with it. I was planning on including more covert operative type stuff, but it turned into a vid of Gina Carrano beating the shit out of men, and I'm okay with that.

Technically, I psyched myself out over the bridge of the song for more than a week and actually wound up cutting a version of the song that was nearly 1:20 shorter in Audacity. I even laid it on the timeline, but by that point it was clear that there was enough footage of Gina Carrano fighting dudes that it wasn't necessary. I'm always, always convinced that I won't have enough material, and then I hit the 2/3 mark of the vid and I'm like, "…Oh, this is going to be fine." I toyed with the idea of trying to correct Steven Soderbergh's extremely self-indulgent camerawork, just as I toyed with the idea of just rearranging the movie so that the vid ran in strict chronology, but ultimately rejected both of them.
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2017-02-03 10:56 pm

Vid: Heroes (A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery)

source: A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery (1987)
audio: Scala & Kolacny Brothers, "Heroes"
length: 3:20
stream: on Vimeo; password: heroes
download: 27MB on Dropbox
summary: We can be us, just for one day

A Festivids 2016 treat for josette-arnauld.

Original Festivids post

I devoured Dorothy L. Sayers' Peter Wimsey novels last year and was blabbering about them to my roommate (who had only read the Vane novels); I convinced her to read the rest of the books and she showed me the Petherbridge/Walters miniseries. The casting is divine, but the adaptations start out good with Strong Poison and go downhill from there. This is my love letter to Harriet and Peter, though it's not the vid I initially envisioned because the footage just doesn't exist, from a combination of the exigencies of BBC budgets (minimal) and the bad choices made in the adaptation of Gaudy Night, which rob the story of a lot of its political heft. Peter and Harriet, of course, rise above such issues, mostly because Petherbridge and Walters rewrote their scenes wholesale on set. Their relationship--the fact that they find each other, and are able to become the versions of themselves who are able to hold onto each other through each other's influence--is an achievement, and it would be so even in this day and age, even more so in the 1930s.

Technically, vidding with footage this old was…interesting. I thought about trying to correct it, but the light levels are mostly tolerable (I did alter the light levels in the courtroom scenes for visibility) and in the end I lost my vidding energy for all of November, which obviated that possibility. (Fun fact: I finished the first draft of this vid on a plane on Halloween.)
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2016-11-10 09:26 pm
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Vid: Don't Stop Believing remaster (Star Trek 2009)

source: Star Trek (2009)
audio: Glee cast, "Don't Stop Believing"
length: 2:41
stream: on Vimeo
download: 205 MB on Dropbox
summary: A Blu-Ray remaster of [ profile] arefadedaway's awesome vid, which is no longer available online.

tumblr postAO3 page

password: trek

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2016-08-14 01:59 pm
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Vid: Out Alive (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation)

source: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
audio: Kesha, "Out Alive"
length: 3:30
stream: on Vimeo; password: vivid
download: 189 MB mp4 on dropbox
summary: No one makes it out alive without friends.

My first Club Vivid premiere!
tumblr post

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2016-05-30 01:27 pm
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Vid: Tesseract (Interstellar)

source: Interstellar
audio: Vienna Teng, "The Breaking Light ft. Alex Wong"
length: 4:19
stream: on Vimeo; password: Wiscon
download: 266MB mp4 on dropbox
summary: “Speaking of ways, pet, by the way, there is such a thing as a tesseract.” ― Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

My [community profile] wiscon_vidparty premiere!

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