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I randomly won today's OpenID lottery and have received a DreamWidth account. Eee!

So, yes: on DW, I am [personal profile] starlady. Thanks to DW's lovely import function, I have essentially cloned myself. I haven't really made any firm decisions as to whether I will (now or ever) migrate permanently, but I will probably post a majority of entries from DW from now on, since the crosspost feature is so sexy. Also: nested tags! ZOMG!
  • Translations will probably be Q1 on LJ, with comments enabled on both DW and LJ.
  • Reviews and random musings will probably be Q1 on DW, probably with comments only enabled on DW.
  • Personal entries may stay entirely on LJ, or wherever the majority of the people who can read my personal entries are at the time.
All of this is of course subject to revision (particularly if I should ever feel the need to associate one journal with my legal name).

In the meantime, go forth and dream on! All you need to do is use OpenID.

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Date: 2009-04-21 07:47 (UTC)
lian: Jade Curtiss (jade_love)
From: [personal profile] lian
heee, you know, it's cool to see almost all the people I promised an invite code to already having moved over! <3 dropping the annoying digits/modifiers is a joy, isn't it?