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I'm pleased to be one of the three final review editors for the CLAMP 20th Anniversary fanbook that the members of [ profile] clamp_now  and our friends throughout cyberspace are putting together in honor of our favorite quartet's achievement. We're accepting participants until April, so anyone who's interested in expressing your appreciation to CLAMP who hasn't done so already, check it out. 

Things we couldn't say )

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Since [ profile] ladydarkmoon  is delayed, but the spoilers have been confirmed, I figured why not.

Make a pilgrimage to the past with me.  )

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Happy Feast of St. Nicholas to all who may be so inclined to wake up and find candy in their shoes/booty in their stockings, incidentally.

Delta (Little Boy Blues) )
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Had a little too much fun at my 5-year high school reunion yesterday. Hangovers are one experience I could do without.

Eternity awaits )

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These always take forever. On a happier note, I got my copy of Mechademia volume 3 today; the cover feels appropriately autumnal.

My restless soul is longing )

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The real deal this time, and not those fake ones from last week.
Grant me wings that I might fly )

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This before Holic, as Holic takes longer.

Damn that was short )

Seriously, that recalls Zen koan for brevity.

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There are few better things in life than reading The New York Times in print on a Saturday morning with tea.

Chapitre 200 )

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Criminally short )

So there will be delays due to my a) not being in Japan; b) having a computer with a fried hard drive; and c) finding gainful employment from now on. But I will persevere in my determination to translate, dear readers, never fear. Kobato 9 coming up.

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Moving back to Jersey next week, OH JOY (ha ha! a pun! NO).

Chapitre 198 )

...Yeah, I got nothing.


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