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I bet you thought I was dead, translation-wise, huh? Well, I'm not. I'm working on Gate 7 08, and if anyone has links to Japanese raws for Gate 7 09 and the Drug & Drop prologue, send 'em my way.

In the meantime, thanks to [ profile] cutesherry, I can bring you the Kobato epilogue! My translation is below the cut.

Happiness )
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Well, another CLAMP manga finished! It's very fitting that I'm finishing this up in Kyoto, since I started translating it in Kyoto three years ago. A huge thank-you, as always, to readers and commenters and raw providers, and an especial thank you to those who helped me provide raws internationally for a brief stint in 2008. <3

The factories are all lit up,/The chime goes unheard./We are together at last, though far apart. )
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This is the second-to-last chapter of Kobato. *sigh* My help_japan and Gate 7 04 translations are in progress, and will be posted/sent on ASAP.

The hands remain empty. They are constructing an osier basket /Just now, and across the sunlight darkness is taking root anew/In intense activity. )
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My apologies for the delays on this one; I've been glued to the NHK coverage of the ongoing disasters in Japan. You can click my 'japan' tag for some information on the situation and how to help.

I have an offer for translation services--up to 40 pages of manga-equivalent, any fandom or pairing--up at [community profile] help_japan. Starting bid is $15 USD; the auctions end 31 March at 06:00 GMT. There's a lot of things on offer, please bid and/or signal-boost if you can!

[community profile] help_japan is also live at Dreamwidth; bids there close at 12:00 GMT on 20 March. Many offers there have no bids! Please check them out if you can.

For some day these projects will return. )
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At last, a new chapter. The series has gotten a lot more interesting and amusing lately, I have to admit.

Apples were made to be gathered, also the whole host of the/world’s ailments and troubles. )
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Urgh, having finally finished my [ profile] help_pakistan obligation, I'm back to the regular program. Just for reference, here's my planned order for what's on my desk:

DTB 26
HOLiC 210
DTB 27

I'll get through these as soon as possible, but I can't make any guarantees as to exactly when (though definitely within the next month).

Again, thanks to Rena-chan for the raws--if you're able, please contribute a little something to help her continue to be able to provide scans!

But listen while I tell you about the wallpaper – )
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...That numbering only comes out right if the chapters without titles are counted separately. Which apparently CLAMP do.

Thanks to [ profile] chibi_chan78 for the raw. (I couldn't reply to your message directly!)

I would like to just follow you for a while )


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