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Wow, it's finally the end.

I have some people to thank--namely, [ profile] chibiyuuto, [ profile] ladydarkmoon, and [ profile] nokiirat, for getting me onto LJ and into Clamp fandom--and everyone who's read my translations and commented. I always feel awkward about being thanked, but really, thank you.

The end is where we start from. )
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Well he was blinded by the light... )
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Back from Portland and back to the grind, bird on my knee and the wind at my back.

Shout into the darkness, squeeze out sparks of light )
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Am obscurely pleased to be drinking a good cup of coffee right now. Let's get to it.

United thoughts and counsels,/Equal hope and hazard... )

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Dear CLAMP: I ♥ you. No, seriously. Also, no spoiler alert: FWR has gone completely round the twist.

Forward to time past )
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And after this, come hell or high water, I am going to finish translating that damn CCS drama CD.

No choice your voice can take me there )

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Intense day at work was intense. I do not know our products by their colors! I do not drink our products (or our competition's, for that matter)! Pretend I'm color-blind, sales reps, and tell me your order by product # or name!

Ahem. Still no color pages this week. Something's going down--who wants to speculate? A full color chapter? A 29th volume? Color spread at the end?

I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it. )
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Why yes, I am avoiding finishing my paper rewrites by translating this, since you asked.

I--I would be King; & you--you would be Queen )

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, all.

at the altar of a dark star )
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Oh, hell. I thought I couldn't read the raws, but then I gave it a whirl and found they were legible after all, and I double-checked against [ profile] ladydarkmoon's scans as always.

The butterfly & the detective )


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