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source: Sherlock Holmes (Downey films)
audio: Death Cab for Cutie, "Information Travels Faster"
length: 4:08
stream: on Vimeo for people in Germany; password: watson
download: 308MB on Dropbox
summary: Holmes and Watson fight the future.

Premiered at Escapade 2019.

AO3 page | tumblr post


I have so many feelings about Sherlock Holmes. It was one of my first fandoms in many ways (I read the complete Holmes corpus when I was eight), and I still identify with Holmes almost painfully. When the first Downey & Law movie came out in 2009, it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life, and along with Star Trek it was my entry back into English-language fanworks online. I wrote a lot of fanfic for Holmes, and I started thinking about this vid idea at some point--certainly it's been on my vidding playlist since before the second movie came out in 2011. 

I always had the idea and the tagline, upcycled from The X-Files, about fighting the future; the second movie brings out that element even more clearly than the first one did, and in the first it was fairly overt. (The persistent slight anachronisms in fact start in the first movie too; they're also made clearer in the second movie.) But what rewatching the second movie brought home to me is how much the movies are presenting Holmes and Watson as a partnership: they are equals and complementary, and they're not very effective without each other. Like all great partnerships, it's founded on absolute trust, as well as their obvious love for one another. And as I went on making the vid I realized that that was the other half of the story about technology, and progress, and a war that cannot be prevented, only delayed. "So all life is a great chain, the nature of which is known whenever we are shown a single link of it."
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My sister finished showing me Sherlock last night. It's a fun show, as long as you can ignore all the things that are absolutely enraging about it. (On that note, listening to my sister yelling at the TV when the commentary video was playing was priceless. She hates what the show did to Irene Adler too.) I still can't do any better than two posts that [personal profile] magnetic_pole wrote when the show was originally airing:
I don't have a link handy about everything that was wrong with the second episode, but let me not omit to mention how Orientalist and racist it was. And if anyone can explain the nonsense with the planes and the dead bodies in 2x01 to me, that would be cool, because it makes no fucking sense. General protip: if you are more racist or sexist than Arthur Conan Doyle, you've got real problems.

Well, actually, I was thinking of [personal profile] melannen's posts on the show too: 
And this post, Modernizing Holmes by [personal profile] naraht, has some discussion that is still interesting.

We also got into a fairly heated argument about the following question.

Poll #12525 Sorting Sherlock and John
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 43

What Hogwarts House is Sherlock?

View Answers

25 (58.1%)

18 (41.9%)

What Hogwarts House is John?

View Answers

19 (44.2%)

24 (55.8%)

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This one, on the other hand, I want to share immediately.

Nothing on Earth of Interest (Seeds of the Melon) (899 words) by faviconstarlady
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Downey films), Hǎi shàng huā liè chuá | The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai - Han Bangqing
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Characters: Huang Cuifeng, Irene Adler, Ah Q, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Morstan, John Watson
Summary: Shanghai, 1894 - Courtesans, captains, colonialists, detectives, opera reformers, revolutionaries, spies: when a murder in the foreign settlement forces Inspector Ah Quei into collaboration with the famed Sherlock Holmes, the two men find that Shanghai holds secrets enough to shake two empires.

This is the most allusively dense thing I have ever written, hands down, even at 900 words; if I were to give you the footnoted version, there would be one at the end of just about every line. I like it so far - I'm also quite irrationally pleased to have the first Singsong Girls of Shanghai fic on the AO3, and quite possibly in the whole world - and I'm looking forward to the rest of it very much.
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[personal profile] magnetic_pole has two posts, one old and one new, that sum up why I have no desire to so much as touch the BBC's Sherlock with a ten-foot pole:
Life's too short, y'know? I'd rather watch anime.

[personal profile] rachelmanija is holding a two-day readathon to raise the funds so she can go on an academic trip to Kyoto, Japan, which we all know is dear to my heart. You donate money, she (hilariously and/or brilliantly) reviews books!

Additionally, [personal profile] rushthatspeaks is also offering to participate in the readathon. Rush's reviews are some of the finest I've read (as are Rachel's), and the cause is certainly worthy. If you can afford to donate for a review, please do!

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Honi soit qui mal y pense (5908 words) by faviconstarlady
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Rating: Teen
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Mary Morstan, John Watson
Summary: Sherlock Holmes returns, Captain Watson takes calculated risks, and Dr. Watson just gets on with it.
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.

As I told M, the new movie has filled me with the determination to get back to some of my old WIPs, so here's one of them (mind the caesura in the middle marking the action scene I never wrote). It's in the steampunk AU continuity, set about five years after The Flying Empire, the first one in the series. Questions welcome, since this is, unapologetically, a fragment set loose from an unwritten whole.
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Dir. Guy Ritchie, 2011.

I really liked this movie! I did not think it was WTFBBQ, nor did I think the plot was full of holes. It was less of a mystery, assuredly, but it was awesome all the same, with one prominent caveat. I was not expecting anything other than what I got, I guess, and I was very satisfied.

Who taught you to dance, Watson? )

It seems emblematic, actually, that Ritchie's Mycroft is so much less sedentary than Doyle's, and that the movie overtly confirms that he's affiliated with Her Majesty's Secret Service. Everyone (including Mary, OMG!) is so much more rock and roll in these movies, and I love it to pieces.
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Went looking for a snippet of fic that I know I wrote down somewhere; evidently "somewhere" was neither my computer nor my moleskine. *sigh*

But! I found this, and thought I'd slap it up on the AO3. I did post it on DW in May (under lock initially? I can't remember), but I know some people who may be interested weren't reading this journal then.

Title: Known Associates
Wordcount: 1122
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Holmes/Watson/Morstan
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: Set two years after the action of The Flying Empire (during the events of the 2009 movie, as you'll see) and contains one (or two, depending how you count it) extremely minor spoilers for the events between that story and this, all in the AO3 tags.
Summary: Captain Mary Watson has an entirely expected encounter while keeping vigil at John's beside.
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I went to Izakaya Sozai last night, for those of you in SF, and it's some of the best Japanese food I've had, period--well worth the trek out to Sunset. Also, I went to the main branch of the Oakland Public Library; Ghost in the Shell: SAC, here I come! 

All of you should watch Complicit by [personal profile] lola, a Sherlock vid that reconsiders Soo Lin and Sherlock and their relation to each other. I don't think it's completely successful at challenging the Orientalism and fail of that episode, if only because the episode only gives a vidder so much footage to work with, but it does succeed in challenging what the show thought, or wanted us to think, and in forcing us to reconsider some home truths, and in restoring some agency to Soo Lin, and equally importantly in stripping some of it from Sherlock, who is not as independent as he likes to think.

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Also known as the Holmes steampunk AU, aka the [ profile] holmes_big_bang fic.

The Flying Empire
Wordcount: 35K
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Holmes/Watson
Warning(s): Some violence (guns).
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: I owe a mountain of thanks to [personal profile] darthneko, who produced the amazing accompanying art despite computer troubles galore at the eleventh hour--please do take the time to leave a comment on DA if you like it as much as I do! Many thanks as well to [personal profile] naraht for the incisive beta, and the Baedeker's. More info about the background for this fic can be found at this post, which has major spoilers. (The title comes from an early story treatment for Laputa: Castle in the Sky.)

Summary: Holmes takes a case that leads him into contact with Countess Ada Lovelace as well as direct conflict with a controversial but well-placed officer of His Majesty's Aery, to Scotland and back to London via the skies above.

The Flying Empire on the AO3.

View the art directly under the cut! )
Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
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Holmes Big Bang steampunk AU meta and background post, ahoy! 

This post contains major spoilers for the entire story, which I unreservedly recommend that you read first.

Meta, with extreme spoilers )
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Smith, L. Neil. Their Majesties' Bucketeers. New York: Del Rey, 1981.

Depending on your point of view, this book is either a science fiction novel depicting a society of trilaterally symmetrical trisexual sentient crustaceans in the rough equivalent to Britain's Edwardian period, or it's a professionally published Sherlock Holmes Holmes/Watson-Morstan/Adler OT3 AU.

Really of course it's both.

I first heard about this book from [personal profile] melannen, in this long post about subordinate Holmes canons, and all in all Smith does not disappoint. One consequence of all these book reviews is that I have gradually lost the ability to enjoy books wholeheartedly the way I did when I was younger. Their Majesties' Bucketeers does not provide quite that level of awesomeness in the reading experience, largely because I can't turn my brain off completely, but it comes pretty damn close.

A study in emerald ) But clearly this needs to be a Yuletide fandom, so go read it! We can always use more awesome Holmes OT3 AUs, Y/Y?

Actually, if you see this post and have read the book, please leave a comment! I'd really like to get a roll-call of people on the interwebz who know it.
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Yeah, I'm just going to post this. It is, I suppose, a sneak peek for my Holmes Big Bang story even though it is set two years after the action of same (during the events of the 2009 movie, as you'll see) and contains one (or two, depending how you count it) extremely minor spoilers for the story, though the sneak peek is not my primary posting impulse. Comments of all stripes very welcome.

Title: untitled
Pairing: Holmes/Watson/Morstan
words: 1143
rating: ...well, there's kissing.

Captain Mary Watson sat by her husband's beside in the veterans' hospital just after midnight )
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Having (just, finally) finished another Sherlock Holmes fic,* it occurs to me that there is a clear space in the planned sequel for giant robots. Yes, I totally blame this on watching a Gurenn Lagann AMV set to "Be A Man" and "Nightmare" again yesterday. And because I have lost all sense of the seemly in these things, have a poll:

Poll #2775 Mecha in London!?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 18

Sherlock Holmes + mecha?

View Answers

Yes! That sounds awesome!
7 (38.9%)

Yeah, if you can make it believably alt-C19th.
9 (50.0%)

No, just stick with the automata.
4 (22.2%)

No! How is that even an idea?
0 (0.0%)

What's a mecha?
1 (5.6%)

*Would you believe that both this fic and Recompense were inspired by a [ profile] halfamoon prompt asking for a story about Irene Adler being awesome? I'm surprised too. My mania for writing things in order is a habit I ought to break myself of (but not really because how the first fic turned out influenced the second profoundly, so).
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Title: Second Face
Words: 8613
Warnings: None
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Adler/Holmes, Holmes/Watson
Summary: Marseilles has more than one surprise for Irene Adler.
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: Directly follows Recompense. Thanks to all the commenters on that fic who said, "When Holmes comes back..."; without you this story would have ended very differently.

Read it at the AO3, or below.

Irene Adler lay for a long time in John Watson’s bed, the good doctor stretched out beside her, Continue... )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] socair!

Last month I bid in two auctions for [ profile] help_haiti, and won both of them.

What I got for the first was "Crow Arithmetic", a poem about math and crows by the awesomely talented [personal profile] yhlee.

What I got for the second was "Scenes from an Unusual Domestic Arrangment", by MerryArwen aka laleitha. It is Sherlock Holmes OT4, and it's pretty damn awesome--carefully paced, beautifully observed, and exquisitely sensitive to the differences between each party, as well as to the balancing involved in crafting a unity out of all of them.

Clearly, I'm the luckiest fan in the world.

[personal profile] fish_echo talked about wanting OT4 and/or OT3 fic after seeing the movie, and happily the fandom has started to provide some really excellent stuff. Aside from "Scenes", I really enjoyed "Imagine Me and You (and you and you)" by [ profile] flash_indie. It's the hot, porny, action/adventure OT4! (I have to admit that one or two background details made me go o.O, but just roll with it; it's worth it.)

It took me a while to realize that MerryArwen is also [personal profile] recessional. She's been writing some great Holmes OT3 fic. I particularly enjoyed "three in a bed" and "Trivial Details". She's also been writing great pieces about Mary herself on her journal--I love the way she writes Mary, as someone who is largely content with her role as (to quote Holmes in "Scenes") an English housewife and who doesn't find it confining--indeed, it's almost empowering. (Partly my love for MerryArwen's Mary arises from the fact that the Mary in the OT3 I am writing is, um, well, much closer to the pistol-wielding cat-burglar-in-training of "Imagine Me and You".) Either way, awesome stories.

Anyone else read any other great Holmes OT3 and/or OT4 lately?
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This rather short story isn't going to get any longer. Time to post!

Title: Infernal Machines
Length: 733 words
Warnings: None
Rating: Gen
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: Either a missing scene from or a scrap of a very slight AU of the second movie. Directly inspired by Infernal Machines, the phenomenal jazz album by Darcy James Argue's Secret Society. The pen-and-ink drawing in question is actually the album cover.

Read it at the AO3, or below.

Seeing the doctor engrossed in one of the papers in the pile on the workbench, Holmes turned and crossed to his friend’s side. “What is it, Watson?” he asked.

Continue... )
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Ah ha ha finished!

Title: Recompense
Length: 9509
Warnings: None, afaik.
Rating: Mature, for sexuality and brief violence
Pairings: Adler/Watson, Holmes/Watson, Morstan/Watson
Disclaimer: Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain in the United States; no disclaimer is intended, implied, or necessary.
Notes: I can't believe this is the first Adler/Watson fic on the AO3. I can't be the only one who thought, "Adler & Watson, 1893! They fight crime! Totally!" ...Though, there is less crime-fighting here than I originally planned. I owe a huge shout-out to [personal profile] damned_colonial's posts on shirts in the movie and to [personal profile] hradzka's post on ACD's word rate, as well as to the other writers and vidders in this fandom, who are inspirational. (Speaking of which, if you're on my reading list and you think you see a shout-out to your own personal fixation in here, you're probably not wrong.)

Read it here on the AO3, or below.

London, November 1893

John Hamish Watson woke on the rug in front of the hearth in his sitting room, his dressing gown spread over him like a blanket, and for a sickening, disoriented moment he thought he was lying on the tiger-skin in Baker Street N.W., 221B. But the unmistakable scent of Parisian perfume rather than Persian tobacco put paid to that notion almost immediately, and the contralto voice, flatly accented as only an American could mangle the Queen's English, pounded the final nail into the delusion's coffin.

Continue... )
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I have no less than 3 Holmes WsIP at the moment, and the plotbunnies for a fourth are frolicking around me. How did this happen, I ask you? I don't even know. So, in an effort to kick these stories along, I share my recent link obsessions. (Speaking of which, I watched the second movie trailer for the first time, and, um, wow, that's not a whole Holmes/Irene subplot that was obviously left on the cutting room floor, not at all!)

[personal profile] elspethdixon on what's in that particular anæsthetic

[personal profile] damned_colonial on Holmes's shirts! And again! Also, [personal profile] twistedchick on more clothing

[personal profile] mllesays on the women of Holmes's universe and [personal profile] melannen on Miss Madelyn Mack

and [personal profile] hradzka on ACD's word rate.

Shifting focus slightly, [personal profile] hradzka writes an RPF poem about the famous Conan Doyle-Wilde dinner which produced both The Sign of Four and The Picture of Dorian Grey. Wikipedia tells me that one of ACD's brothers-in-law was E.W. Hornung, the creator of Raffles. I'll let [personal profile] kindkit tell you about Raffles. These are the sorts of coincidences, dear readers, on which an awesome edifice of RPF historical fiction call it what you will could be built.

Also, did anyone else ever see that movie Topsy-Turvy, about Gilbert & Sullivan writing The Mikado? And Sullivan is depressed because he wants to be a SRS Composer who writes SRS Music? Totally, totally is the same as ACD with Holmes as far as I'm concerned, and you will not convince me otherwise! And this too could make an interesting story.

Finally, I at least can't listen to U2's Achtung Baby without storyboarding Holmes/Watson vids to every single song in my head. It helps that it's an awesome album.
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I meant for this post to include more than this. But, after more than an hour wrestling with Yahoo IDs, I have finally gotten with the Naughts and created a account! I have added the info to my profile under 'external services' and it makes me happy, in an extremely low-threshold sort of way. Sidenote: Yahoo is the most awful 90s holdover semi-sketchy piece of crap that needs to go out of business yesterday, Y/Y?

I went with [ profile] sparowhawk to see Sherlock Holmes again Friday night and I still love that movie so much. When I got home I took many characterization notes in my notebook. I think I'm going to sign up for [ profile] holmes_big_bang because a) I work well with deadlines and b) writers get paired with a beta reader and an artist. \0/ Art for my writing! How cool would that be? Pretty damn cool.

I also, uncharacteristically, made plans and carried through on them to sit in front of the TV and watch TV this week. Normally I only do this for the new episodes of NCIS, but I also watched the season premieres of Burn Notice and of White Collar. I can see why so many people like White Collar. The OT3 is so obvious and so respectful of all 3 of them! Burn Notice is still high-octane, mindless mostly fun, though every time Michael Weston says that it's his job to help people I say LOLWHAT? Give me a break! Clearly the show resides in a fantasy world, and I'm not talking about Miami. Also, everyone has read this post by Center of Gravitas on how, in Burn Notice, everyone (including Fi! *gnashes teeth*) needs a straight white man to save them, right? So this is enough for me to file it in the "guilty pleasure" column, though I do think the tradecraft is plausible enough to keep in mind for future writing purposes.

I should go run before it starts raining.


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