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So apparently it is Book Blogger Appreciation Week, as part of which a lot of book bloggers are giving away a lot of free books. Some caught my eye immediately:
Day five of the meme calls for a YouTube clip. If you haven't seen Martha Stewart put Cookie Monster in handcuffs, well, you haven't lived.

Have a few AMV recommendations too, because I can:
  • Malificus' "Newspaper Man" (Cowboy Bebop the movie x TV On The Radio, spoilers). It's an unconventional song choice, and really well done, and I like it for that.
  • Mouse Potato, "Nightmare" (Neon Genesis Evangelion x A Perfect Circle, spoilers). The best EVA AMV I've seen, hands down.
  • Alkampfer81, "Hold Me Now" (Princess Tutu x Nanne Grönvall, spoilers). This is a famous AMV, and deservedly so.