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So [personal profile] epershand dragged me to see Patrick Stump play at The Utah Saloon on Friday night, and damn if it wasn't the best concert I've been to in a long, long time. I should clarify, E had to explain to me who Patrick Stump is, and when we walked in the door of the bar I had heard precisely nothing of his music--but there was a CCTV in the bar playing live feed from the show that he was doing in the stage-portion of the bar (we were seeing his second show of the night, the last show of the tour), and holy crap, the energy of his and his band's performance was amazing.

They're all phenomenal, phenomenal musicians, and they were really good together, which isn't the same thing but is just as important, but first and foremost, Patrick Stump is a mind-blowing performer. The venue was tiny and it looked like the first sold-out crowd was a bit more high-energy than ours (I'm always complaining about the crowds out here, I know), but it was totally an amazing experience all the same--we were literally five feet from the farthest guy in the band, two feet from the bassist, and the intensity of the experience is something I fear will not be matched in live music for me for a long time, if ever. I had read [personal profile] jjtaylor's review of an earlier show, and our show totally lived up to its billing.

Like I said, I'd never heard the music before, but it was all great, both the original songs and the covers--they covered "All of the Lights" as part of the encore for both shows, and it was amazing. Patrick also played drums, piano and piccolo trumpet as well as guitar and doing the vocals; I'm told he played all of the instruments on his Truant Wave EP himself, which I can totally believe. But as good as the EP is--I downloaded it as soon as I got home (though it is slightly overproduced)--the live set was so, so, so much better, which is the Catch-22 of all great live performers. My solution is YouTube, and making plans to see him whenever he goes on tour again.

Also, Patrick Stump looks a lot like the Doctor (Eleven), if Eleven wore fingerless gloves and white go-go boots with his suits.

Anyway. There don't appear to be any videos from the SF shows online yet, but have these two. The first is the live version of his best-known song, "Spotlight", from New York.

The second is the medley of covers and original songs with which they closed the sets.