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Europa Report. Dir. Sebastián Cordero, 2013.

This is one of the best science fiction movies I've seen in years. I turned to my friend J after the credits rolled and I said, "This is the movie that Prometheus wanted to be," and I stand by that statement. Europa Report blends a great story and a real love of space exploration with a meticulously unfolded, decidedly plausible science fictional premise and great performances from its actors.

The movie tells the near-future story of the first human-crewed mission to Europa, the Europa One, organized and funded by the private company Europa Ventures, LLC. For the first six months of the mission, cameras inside and outside the spacecraft connect the Earth and the astronauts in near real-time, but after unforeseen developments knock out the communications system, those left on Earth can only wait for communications to be re-established. Meanwhile, up in the Europa One, the crew must attempt to carry out its mission to seek out extraterrestrial life on Europa, if it exists, alone in the dark. Europa Report is the story of what happened after Europa One went dark, and what the crew found there. Post tenebras, lux.

It looks like the movie's theatrical run is coming to an end, but if you can't catch it in theaters you can still rent it on Google Play or the iTunes store, and I really recommend it! If you like space exploration or science fiction, particularly in the lower-key, realistic vein of movies like Moon, this is for you.