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Feb. 22nd, 2017 00:31
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1. We got pizza for dinner.

2. We've been doing a Gravity Falls rewatch and just finished season one today. Man, that's such a great show! I really wish it had been more than two seasons.

3. Look at this fierce baby!

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Ann Nocenti's DAREDEVIL run. It's pretty out there, since that's Nocenti's "thing." But this issue involves a brawl at a peach march and Daredevil doing the whole "Am I doing good as a vigilante" every superhero goes through now and again.

Johnny Storm also shows up for one page.

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Sunday night in the ER at Mount Auburn, I was reading John le Carré's The Pigeon Tunnel: Stories from My Life (2016) when I ran into the following passage at the beginning of a chapter about Martin Ritt, Richard Burton, and the filming of The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965):

I was a serving diplomat of thirty-two and I had never met movie people before. In childhood, like all boys of my time, I had fallen in love with Deanna Durbin, and rolled in the aisles over the Three Stooges. In wartime cinemas, I had shot down German aeroplanes piloted by Eric Portman, and triumphed over the Gestapo with Leslie Howard. (My father was so persuaded that Portman was a Nazi that he said he should be interned.)

At which point I exclaimed out loud to [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel, because the Deanna Durbin and the Three Stooges could be anything, but the Leslie Howard is Pimpernel Smith (1941) and the Eric Portman is Squadron Leader X (1943) and if le Carré really has a memory of the latter rather than just using it as cultural shorthand, I want to ask him what it was like, because it is famously a lost film.1 It was written by Emeric Pressburger and directed by Lance Comfort and I have wanted to see it ever since I discovered the Archers and Eric Portman simultaneously with A Canterbury Tale (1944). Thanks to the good grace of Olive Films, Pimpernel Smith finally does exist on DVD and Blu-Ray and someday when I have money I will purchase a copy, but as regards Squadron Leader X I've been as much out of luck as the BFI. There's pictures and a summary and a reputation. I don't usually think of movies as one of the things that can be lost with the ceaselessly moving window of living memory, but here we are. I wonder if there's anyone alive who remembers London After Midnight (1927).

1. Portman also plays a Nazi in Powell and Pressburger's 49th Parallel (1941), but there is no shooting down of a German airplane in that movie; there is a stolen Canadian seaplane, but Portman isn't the guy flying it when it crashes in a lake in Manitoba.

Chocolate Box 2017

Feb. 22nd, 2017 17:50
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Chocolate Box this year was the first fic exchange I have participated in forever. And it’s been the best experience so far (helped by the fact that I’m better at judging what fandoms to offer these days).

So I got two lovely gift fics, puppet girl, let me cut your strings for Danganronpa, and A Thousand Times Fairer for Magical Girl Raising Project (a canon I keep meaning to write up and never do). I felt very lucky ♥

I also wrote two stories!

Nanami 3.0 (1975 words) for [archiveofourown.org profile] NightsMistress
Fandom: Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Dangan Ronpa 3:The End of Kibougamine Gakuen
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki
Summary: Hajime takes the remains of the robot with him after the destruction of the Future Foundation headquarters. (Danganronpa 3 fix-it fic.)

Love and Other Stories (944 words) for [archiveofourown.org profile] theoldgods
Fandom: The Handmaiden (2016)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Hideko/Sook-hee (The Handmaiden)
Summary: Hideko reads to Sook-hee. (Fluffy post-canon fic.)
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Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, Head First Java: the whole time, I was thinking about internet harassment. HFJ is a reasonable starting point, even a decade later, if one doesn't mind reconciling former and current versions of Java code/practice. It uses more visual aids and character-driven storylets to illustrate examples than the average coding book does. It needs a deep-clean by a proofreader, especially regarding dialogue punctuation.

Joshua Bloch, Effective Java, 2d ed: I was supposed to finish this during 2016, too, and haven't quite. It's a pile of short essays full of cautions and targeted advice, and it's a bit abstract if one is not writing Java actively at the moment. (My summer internship and the job that has followed it are cousins, not quite in the same line.) Good reference, anyway, and I know I'll have cause to refer back.

Piper Huguley, The Lawyer's Luck: novella with nineteenth-century US setting, a black male lawyer only half aware of his relative privilege, and a black woman who escapes a difficult situation. The male lawyer ends with relatively unexamined gender-based privilege, but I think it's not for me to say whether the story feels satisfying; as fix-it "fic" of countless historical situations, it works.

Ovidia Yu, Aunty Lee's Delights: this is the first one. It's fine? I found the mystery unengaging (too simple), but it interested me as itself, a text written by someone with sociocultural and geographical contexts rather different from mine.

James A. Whittaker et al., How Google Tests Software: as it says, vintage 2012. Lately the industry has carried a mix of Google's and Microsoft's respective labelings/differentiations of quality assurance, software engineer in test, software engineer, software development engineer, etc., and this book wasn't a bad way to pick up some of that in a hurry. Because it's written by committee, it repeats itself in places.
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Posted by cszego

Conjuring Of Light, V.E. Schwab
Long May She Reign, Rhiannon Thomas
SW: Empire's End, Chuck Wendig
Humans, Bow Down, James Patterson & Emily Raymond
NK3, Michael Tolkin

Trade Paperback
Back Of The Turtle, Thomas King
The Devourers, Indra Das
Games Wizards Play, Diane Duane
Interior Darkness, Peter Straub
Island Of Exiles, Erica Cameron
Of Darkness, Josefine Klougart

Can’t hear

Feb. 21st, 2017 20:33
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Posted by Mary

Months and months and months if telling A to come upstairs to talk to us because we can’t hear her. No change on her part, and not one has she even responded to this request.

Yesterday morning V was yelling at her from upstairs, and:

A: Bincent, come downstairs, I can’t hear you!

Yeah, no kidding you can’t!

The kindness of strangers

Feb. 21st, 2017 14:29
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#1 - My debit card slipped out of my pocket as I was riding my bicycle but someone turned it in to the bank.

#2 - A couple of bolts fell off my bike rack, making it too shaky to ride with. Took it into the bike shop and they fixed it FOR FREE.

#3 - I was so occupied with running around here and there and unlocking and locking my bike up that I somehow went into the food co-op without locking my bike up. When I came out it was still sitting there by the bike rack.
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Allow users to specify an account as a roleplaying account

accounts, statistics

Allow users to specify an account for roleplay without affecting paid account services.

This is a suggestion mainly for statistical purposes! Dreamwidth has an active, sizable roleplaying community, a consequence of which is that there are a lot of "character accounts" scattered across the site. As someone who's very curious about DW's site statistics, I can't help but think that means there's a lot of essentially fictional data skewing things one way or another.

If possible, I'd like for roleplayers to be able to specify an account as being made for roleplay. It would have to be in a way that doesn't affect paid services, since some get paid/paid premium accounts and some don't. In addition to being able to choose it during account creation, there would also need to be an option for existing accounts to "switch over", since there are many, MANY existing character accounts.

Challenges involved: oh boy! I'm not at all familiar with site coding, especially Dreamwidth's, so I can't imagine how complicated this might be. I also don't know how many people would actually use this option, but I thought I'd throw this out there anyway.

Poll #18026 Allow users to specify an account as a roleplaying account
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 30

This suggestion:

View Answers

Should be implemented as-is.
17 (56.7%)

Should be implemented with changes. (please comment)
1 (3.3%)

Shouldn't be implemented.
0 (0.0%)

(I have no opinion)
12 (40.0%)

(Other: please comment)
0 (0.0%)

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(Read more...) functioning as the black triangle to the left of it


Can we please have the (Read more...) link functioning as the cut-opening arrow, not as the direct link to the entry?

Right now, when you click the (Read more...) link, you are redirected to the whole entry with the comments. If you want to simply open the cut and read what's inside, remaining on the main page of the journal, you have to click the tiny black triangle to the left of (Read more...). Can we please ditch this black triangle, which is barely visible, and have the (Read more...) link functioning as one? As for the direct link to the whole entry, it can be moved to the header, which is currently plain text without any use.

Poll #18025 (Read more...) functioning as the black triangle to the left of it
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 28

This suggestion:

View Answers

Should be implemented as-is.
5 (17.9%)

Should be implemented with changes. (please comment)
1 (3.6%)

Shouldn't be implemented.
18 (64.3%)

(I have no opinion)
3 (10.7%)

(Other: please comment)
1 (3.6%)

Hulk #2

Feb. 21st, 2017 12:42
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Entertainment Weekly: What made you decide to take her out of her Hulk form and show her human side?

Mariko Tamaki: When I was originally contacted by Marvel with this project, that was the way that they saw this starting. I really liked the idea of having somebody who has been comfortable in their skin, suddenly not [be]. Especially someone who’s been through a traumatic thing. All these things you take for granted about yourself mentally and physically that are no longer true. So I thought it was a really great starting point for a story about trauma, to put her in this position of literally holding this really big thing which is this thing that she is.

Editor Mark Paniccia: The other thing, too, is this is one of the results of Civil War II. These are all really heavy things that we wanted to explore in this character who’s been this fan-favorite superhero who’s going through this terrible trauma and tragedy. Part of Marvel’s stories are that world outside your window. There’s a lot of people that deal with this on a daily basis, and that’s all part of the human condition and in Marvel, the human condition is part of the superhuman condition.

- From an interview at Entertainment Weekly

Story By: Mariko Tamaki
Art By: Nico Lean

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