starlady: the cover from Shaun Tan's The Arrival, showing an aquanaut in suburbia (i'm a stranger here myself)
Whitfield, Kit. In Great Waters. New York: Del Rey, 2009.

I know I heard about this book somewhere on the DWLJ-verse, but I don't remember where anymore. Still, I'm really glad I took the chance on this book despite the fact that it's about merpeople, because it's really quite good, and fairly original to boot.

In Great Waters tells the story of Henry, a half-human, half-merman (or landsman and deepsman, as they are called) "bastard" whose status as a true hybrid renders him a political threat to the weakened Crown of England, whose deepsman-descended tenants have intermarried too closely and are in danger of dying out. The book also tells the story of Anne, the younger princess of England, whose desire for security, and for mercy, leads her to great things of which no one, least of all she herself, thought her capable.

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Yeah, mermaids: not for children! Really, this is quite a good book.