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Diverse Energies. Ed. Tobias S. Buckell and Joe Monti. New York: Tu Books, 2012.

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I'd heard good things about this anthology, and though the premise isn't something that I am 100% always a fan of--"YA dystopia" is a marketing category that needs to be exploded as far as I am concerned, and as [personal profile] rachelmanija notes, the books in it "are generally about naïve privileged white girls slowly coming to realize that their “the government controls everything” society actually sucks, while navigating a love triangle"--I genuinely enjoyed almost all of the stories in this anthology, and there were even a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments. When I finally write that magical urban revolution story, I am putting a coelacanth in it as the symbol of rebellion, let me just say. Another thing I genuinely enjoyed is that almost all of the protagonists in these stories are not white, and many of the authors are people of color. These are both things that I can get behind.

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Overall, I didn't find this collection as depressing as some people have--I suspect this has as much to do with temperament as with anything else, but there are at least two components to my reaction that I can identify. The first is the uncomfortable knowledge that some of these futures, or near carbon copies of them, almost certainly already exist in our present for those who are less privileged than I am and we are. The second is the fact that very few of the stories end in a truly hopeless place, for the world as a whole if not the protagonists, as far as I can tell. Again, it may be temperament that inspires this interpretation in me, but it may also be the fact that creation can and does come out of destruction, as the writers in this anthology prove.