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The food made by the customer who wished "I want to learn cooking." But why did Doumeki stop his chopsticks? What is the riddle of this taste!?

Watanuki has returned to the mansion.
Before dinner he made the boiled potatoes again, and had Yuuko taste them.
They were delicious as usual. So the cause isn't the flavor after all.

After he tells Yuuko about Doumeki, she says,
"Food isn't something you can make just knowing how to make it, is it?"
"There are other things necessary, right?"

Watanuki leaves the kitchen in preparation for dinner.
Yuuko and Mokona know that that taste is an inheritance from Watanuki's father.
And it is also from his far distant ancestor Clow Reed.

And so the second day of cooking school. They are making fried squash rolls without delay. [T/N: OH SO TASTY]
When he asks, the client says she was married.
So does she remember the tastes her partner liked? He encourages her to sample.
The client says, "Because I don't eat what I make myself..."
Watanuki: "Huh!?"

Watanuki who can't taste and the woman who doesn't eat what she cooks. Is these two cooking together coincidence? Or is it...!?

Yuuko's words that "Eating is a very terrible thing" will be resurrected!! Wait for the next chapter!!


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